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Fear IS real, and this movie is proof of it! The Nostalgia Critic reviews 2013’s Smith family affair, After Earth.

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  1. The biggest problem I found with the movie is the fact the characters are emotionless. Emotionless acting is BAD ACTING. Calling for it throughout the entire movie is literally calling for BAD ACTING.

    • Its also not necessary to have them be emotionless throughout the entire movie. WHY does Will Smith still need to act emotionless in a normal safe environment. Wouldn’t it be that much more impressive if he can ‘ghost’ when its required of him instead of all the time, that way he’s still controlling his emotions AND giving an entertaining performance.

  2. Here’s the thing for me: I understand the need for emotion, I really do. I am in no way saying that emotion should be forsaken, especially in movies. What I will say is that there are times when it’s called for. I mean, think of Keanu Reeves in the Matrix movies. Perhaps this is just my interpretation, but it seems to me that that role was perfectly cast because he was relatively emotionless. Now, he wasn’t completely without emotion or expression in those films. But for the majority of them, he was utterly without emotion. But you know what? That was his character, that’s how Neo was supposed to be. Even before he was chosen or even accepted the fact that he was the one, he was kind of a shut-in that didn’t need (or seem to want) to have ties to anyone else outside of his apparent clientele.

    All I’m trying to get at there is that there are some roles that are designed to be emotionless or at least emotionally distant. And if that’s the case, is it a good actor in a bad role, or a good actor portraying the character the best way they can?

    • It’s okay to have some scenes with some characters be entirely emotionless if the story calls for it. But if your entire movie focuses exclusively on two characters who are emotionless the entire time, that is very bad, because it is so far disconnected from reality that it breaks the illusion of the movie. If you’re going to be emotionless, I need to believe that that is actually what someone might do in that situation and the longer you try to drag that out, the less likely I’ll be to continue believing it.

  3. Is the lady’s name Tamara? When she is holding that rifle and then that camera pans out and down to that pink see through bohemian looking skirt and pink flip flops…. I friggin loose it. I had to pause for 10mins lauging and typing this. She does the most unexpected hilarious scenes.

  4. 2 + 2 is not basic math, it’s a qote from 1984!

  5. It was entertaining XD

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