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The Nostalgia Critic reviews 1993’s Airborne to the Extreme!

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  1. Its an ok movie i don’t mind him
    You are just jealous that you didn’t looked like him as a kid
    I don’t get why the cousin looks like this
    The guy clearly has brain damage from hockey
    What is the problem with a guy who is calm and himself
    A head band is not a girly thing only a boy can use it when they haw long hair also its not a small girly headband
    Are you making fun of Gandhi?
    He is wright a mean common so they are playing pranks and threaten him so what its not like they haw the wright to do anything serious and he doesn’t need to act back
    He didn’t fought back he just pulled his pants down its not really fighting
    This is a silly and meh movie but it has good stuff
    The people in this movie are dumb

    • I’ve never seen a man walk around with a headband. I myself find a headband pretty efeminate. Why is it wrong to make fun of Gandhi? Making fun of someone doesn’t necessarily mean that you disagree with them or don’t like them.

  2. Holy crap. That Bitchel (the surfe dude) is unbelievably annoying and shallow. As a matter of fact, that girl is incredibly annoying and shallow as well.

    Cutting to that dude with the brace on his face was pretty funny…. and then my dad shot her.

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