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Charlton Heston trying to gun down a Polar Bear? You sure this is fiction, or is it just Alaska?

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  1. The main boy kid. I think that’s Pete from Mad Men.

  2. This was not a necessary movie
    The main character is not from Alaska so don’t judge the Alaska on him
    Animals live by there nature some of them need to kill but not pointless the humans on the other hand kill with pointless reasons
    All poachers must die

  3. Tenko the bored otaku

    Almost 6 years later, still fun.

  4. SpecialAgentDaleCooper

    That police sergeant at around 8 minutes in…
    That’s Garland Briggs from Twin Peaks…
    How did they get him in this?
    Also, interestingly, the director of this was Charlton Heston’s son…
    This was the last film he ever made. I wonder why.

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