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Nostalgia Critic takes on the Uwe Boll movie Alone in the Dark with some help.

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  1. God damn, I just here Arby when he talks

  2. honestly, the only thing I found appealing in this movie was the soundtrack…
    the movie blew dogs for peso’s but the industrial/metal soundtrack was kick-ass.
    same thing for End Of Days, Scorpion King, Matrix (mostly 2&3, the first one was decent, and the soundtrack was great too. but 2&3 were lame as hell), and a fair amount of SPAWN (I say a fair amount, because I actually like the spawn movie… yeah, I know. guilty pleasure. don’t judge me… I CAN FELL YOU JUDGING!..)
    but anyway. for a fair while that’s been kind of a hint for me on sort of spotting a bad’ish movie (not a solid hint, of course, but I guess it’s more of “superstition feeling” more than “hint”) flicks like them (around that time-range), if the soundtrack was too good, or had a lot of popular band-names on the roster, high chances were that the movie was gonna be bad. I’m actually kind of glad that that “hinting” is fore most part gone now, but there are still some lingering flicks that are like that…

  3. Yeah well, Uwe Boll’s movies suck ass – everybody knows that by now. But why do critics always bring up his “tax loopholes” business strategy before anything else about the respective movie they’re reviewing is mentioned? As if he’s the only person in the film and TV industry who rips of the taxpayers? The only reason we have movie after movie that plays in the Midwest is “tax incentives”. Not even people from the Midwest themselves want to watch movies that are set there. The reason why Hollywood made one militaristic jerkfest after another in the 90s and 00s was because the Pentagon financed these and supplied military equipment and personnel for the “glory shots”. The only reason why “Breaking Bad” was set in New Mexico was… guess what? “Very good conditions offered by the state and the city of Albuquerque”.

    If you call out Uwe Boll, call out Ridley Scott, Vince Gilligan and every other producer/director in the industry who does exactly the same things behind the scenes, too.

    Did I mention that Uwe Boll’s movies suck ass? Giant, unwiped, diarrhoetic brontosaurus ass?

  4. -Why didn’t you used the computer to talk in the Good Son review?
    -Do you haw ADD that the opening bores you
    -He wanted to be dramatic
    -Bullets did not kill him cos he shoot him in not serious areas but the stick as you say pierced through his spine and that is a death sentence
    -What is your problem with Star Trek 6
    -I really hat dark scenes and blurry close scenes
    -The monsters actually look cool
    -The music is cool
    -There to young to haw so little time to retirement
    -I don’t get what dose the Museum lady came along
    -I actually hate the ending

  5. This guy makes Shitmalan and Bay look like Scorcese or Spielberg….god damn he makes crap over and over and over and over…AGAIN!!! Blizzard denied him the rights to make the Word of Warcraft movie because they know Boll wil make a shitty movie.

  6. … It’s not said ‘New-found-land’… It’s NEW-FIN-LAND. I hate when people mispronounce where I live >.> I know it sounds like separate words and would be said that way, BUT IT’S NOT OTL

  7. Got to love that Spoony makes a time-travel joke while wearing a Castleton T-shirt.

    This is back when Spoony actually did reviews, or anything.

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