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See the Nostalgia Critic review the Angry Video Game Nerd Movie. What did the critic think of it?

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  1. Excellent review. Nice plug at the end. That’s quite exciting! ^_^

  2. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Bravo critic bravo. Awesome review. James Rolfe is so mean and that movie looks so stupid. But I’ve seen way better video game reviewers on channel awesome (Angry joe, Yomarz, Tyger etc) I loved this review and especially loved that you put a fifty shades of grey reference in there to let people know about that god awful movie that’s opening today (notice people who like it it’s fine but that movies garbage and to the critics it’s garbage notice the 27 percent on rotten tomatoes last time I checked) Also guys of the internet don’t get dragged to go see that movie it’s basically twilight fan-fiction. Go see kingsman: the secret service now that movie looks awesometacular and has gotten better reviews then fifty shades of garbage. Now where was I….. oh yeah I can’t wait until the nostalgia critic movie comes out it will be a thousand times better then whatever this movie was about. But I have to admit the only two good things about it are the black nerd cameo and doug walker’s cameo because that guy is awesome. Well if you excuse me i’m hungry for a baloney sandwich so catch you on the flipside nc.

  3. This is pure awesome!

  4. I played E.T. It’s bad, but I ca see how people would like it if they had looked up how the game works, like I did. For the most part, it’s just luck and patience without any reason to beat it, let alone replay it.

  5. So TehCoccyx can destroy all of the universe at once (except for ham sandwiches) but instead goes on a rampage to tear down the landmarks of Earth and abduct 2 humans. For the lols, apparently.

  6. Hey, C minor has three flats, what about educational value?!

  7. What a nice surprise! Haha, this was so funny. This felt like a flashback Nostalgia Critic review. Retro! Yay for your (SPOILER) movie! Yay! 😀

  8. damn, that mysterious screeching gamer cameo was epic, I don’t think I’ve seen him do such an amazing job since his role as a GUN soldier in the Sonic the Hedgehog movie.

  9. Funny review. It’s so great that the both of you have such great senses of humor! Keep up the good work and P.S. It that movie real?

  10. 1:49 – Instant flashbacks to all the Channel Awesome anniversary movies. Ba-ZING!

    I keed, I keed 😀

  11. Uh. Testing? Testing?

    Anyway, the AVGN Movie is a lot of fun.

  12. Huh, I thought these two had made peace ages ago, oh well.

    Great review…but why couldn’t this have waited till Tuesday again? All I want is my internet critics to stick to their own schedules damn it!

    There already was a Nostalgia Critic movie, it was called To Boldly Flee.

    Do you think the NC will review the AT4W movie?

    BTW does anyone know where the NC review of the Uncanny Valley got to? I’ve scoured the internet for it but I can’t find it anywhere.

  13. I hated the AVGN movie. I’m not proud of this fact, but there it is – I wanted to like it, and was prepared for it to keep me ambivalent, but in the end I found it horribly self-indulgent, unfunny and nail-pullingly boring.

  14. This video would have WAY more comments if you guys had been more on the ball.

    I’m just sayin’.

  15. Conan the commenter

    I am not a fan of the avgn, I have never found him funny and I am utterly confused why he’s so popular.
    By the way I personally think that that the line “the holy grail of pointless swearing” perfectly sums up his character.
    Lastly, what I saw somehow turned me off even more to a movie that I wasn’t even interested in the first place.

  16. He made a movie:
    Nerd 1 Critic 0

    But you reviewed it:
    Nerd 1 Critic 1

    And you were in it:
    Nerd 1 Critic 2

    But I think then Nerd is better than you so:
    Nerd 3 Critic 2

    The battle between you and the Nerd never can be over!

    By the way: Mr. Walker I love your Show!

  17. This was so funny… 😀 Great review!

  18. I would have prefered more if The Critic were wipped like a horse pulling The Nerd down the streets of Chicago with a sign on him saying “I’m a fatty, fatty, fuck, fuck.” …But I guess this works, too.

  19. The Truth must be revealed and I got nothing else.

  20. Your Tommy Wiseau voice is actually right about the world being a better place to live if people told the truth or erupt into mass glorious chaos and anarchy like a live volcano or two.

  21. You are the best actor in any fake online movie Doug.

  22. You practically are the God of Internet Filmmaking and soon maybe you and I will rule the Cinematic World or even Universe, hah hah ah hah hah Of Course!

  23. It was nice of them to give Davros a part in their movie.

  24. Doesn’t really look like a movie I’d be interested in watching, but it was interesting to see what it’s about. Love how the Critic referred to himself as the best actor in the movie, even though he was only in a few seconds of it.

    Top 3 funniest Critic comments are:

    I’ve never seen so much green vomit come out of one person’s hand!

    …looking as evil as a ceramic Tim Curry f***ing a ceramic Dr. Octopus.

    I see more carnage out of a toddler destroying his Happy Meal toy.

  25. So, wait a minute, is this really happening?! Is the Nostalgia Critic going to bring his own movie to theaters?!

  26. Love it. Short, and to the point.

  27. One of the funniest reviews in a long time.

  28. -Takes a deep breath-

    I didn’t like it. The characters were super boring, the writing was uninteresting, the acting was bad, the plot drags on and makes no sense, it has a tons of pointless scenes that ad nothing to the story…

    The villain was so much fun, and his performance was also so good! The special effects… wow… I’m in LOVE with them. They are so creative! It’s so much fun to watch all the creativity that went into them. They pulled off some really great looking things. Sometimes you can tell how they made them, but that doesn’t detract from how creative and amazing I found them to be!

    All in all… it’s something you should watch with a group of friends. Maybe because I watched it alone, but I just thought the movie wasn’t really that good, from a character/writing/story point of view. But the effects were too much fun for me.

    This is just in my opinion! I know many people really enjoyed it ;;

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