Batman and Robin – Nostalgia Critic

The Nostalgia Critic reviews 1997’s Batman and Robin. Does anyone have a Bat Credit Card?

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  1. I hate this film. I hate it so damn much.

  2. This is the only Batman movie I’ve ever seen. I enjoyed it as a kid, even though I’ve never been into comic book stuff. I saw it again a few years ago and didn’t like it. The Critic’s suicide attempts are humorous and I love that doll that he put in his chair. But I think the Bat Credit Card reaction is a bit much and I just don’t get why that thing is so upsetting. The song at the end of the review was hilarious!

    Funniest Critic comment is:

    It’s the equivalent of Walt Disney trying to hide out in Disney Land.

  3. -I don’t get it i agree that this is not as good of a Batman movies as the previous movies but i still like it it is nice
    -You haw no one to blame but the people and your self cos if people would not haw complained about how dark the previous once were to dark we would haw had a better movie
    -There are worse movie existing
    -The bat card was funny and your expression is hilarious
    -Alfred is a cool guy
    -The Dark Knight movies are worse

    • HermioneHotpants

      Just because there are worse movies out there doesn’t mean that a bad movie is good.

      I disagree that this movie is better than the Batman trilogy that started in 2005 (or so).

  4. This film was SO CRUEL that even Dr. Forrester refused to subject it to neither Joel nor Mike on the Satellite of Love.

  5. I’m sorry, but I think this movie is so stupid, clichéd, and over-the-top that it qualifies under so bad it’s good.

  6. This movie is a large steaming piece of crap, the dialogue is a Hurricane of Puns, the plot is shit, the acting is poor, the bad guy´s plans are totally incompatible, and the ice on the cake: MALE BAT NIPPLES and MALE BAT ASSES.
    But, I like Alicia Silverstone as batgirl, she looks hot!!!. And Mr Freeze with his ton of ice puns makes me laugh.

  7. HermioneHotpants

    Great old review! This review makes me nostalgic for the old Nostalgia Critic. Ironic, isn’t it?

  8. UltraSharp the Youtuber

    I’ve heard Adam West’s series had bat pogo sticks. I also heard that they had a bit of, *ahem*, fun on set.

  9. “Celeberty” hihi

  10. Bat Credit-Card.

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