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You asked for it… The Nostalgia Critic finally reviews Battlefield Earth.

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  1. This is the first NC I ever saw. I’ve been around since. Great episode.

  2. honestly, this movie was kind of like “A Kid In King Arther’s Court”.
    Where it was so forgettable, bland, & boring, I’d almost forgotten it even existed.
    hell, it more or less had the same fate as “A Kid In King Arther’s Court”.
    hyped up before it hit theaters, forgotten not even a year after it was distributed to video.
    yeah, one of “those” movies. {;-P

  3. gold? really?
    this reminds me of SPACE CASH from South Park episode “Pinewood Derby”.

  4. -This was very fun
    -Fuck you this is a great movie so fuck you
    -There are a lot worse Scy-Fi movies existing
    -It is slanted cause the camera it could be that it is a camera that is just laying around from the past witch is why its slanted they are just laying on the ground just a theory
    -We don’t know how alien are actually looking so they can look however we can imagine. If you haw forgotten in the past Star Trek had Clinons that looked exactly like humans so don’t complain how these aliens look
    -I hate how you overreact to this movie
    -The reason why the Cyclones did not do all of this with humans you say cos there are selfish and they don’t care about humans they only want gold they are not interested in humans
    -You were so stupid with the planet radiation
    -Maybe the Cyclones knew that there planet would be destroy cause of the radiation and that is why they never used it cause they would blow them self up so that is why they never used radiation on there planet
    -The reason why they took over cause they surprised with there attack witch is why humans were not ready for it and lose also considering the fact that they could haw used a huge army and not this little amount of people

  5. I showed this to my sister. She laughed so hard at the “repeating myself” gag she literally spit out her drink.

  6. I did research on the film. The director Roger Christian said he tilted a lot of shots because he wanted the film to be like a comic book.

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