Blair Witch 2: Book of Shadows – Nostalgia Critic

Did the first one make you motion sick? Just try stomaching the story of Blair Witch 2 – Book of Shadows.

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  1. NC: “No, because you dress in black we think you’re pretentiously hilarious.” The irony is he himself is dressed in black!

  2. Well, at least we now have one thing cleared up…
    We now know the real reason why Michael Weston was burned…
    … Because he went Bat-Shit-Wackoid on the Blair Witch Hunt {;-P

  3. By the way, am I the only one who thinks that young NC at 10:30 looks kinda like a young Nicolas Cage?

  4. Ah, maaaaan. Micheal Weston was in this crap. Thank god he was in Burn Notice (what an awesome show about spies).

  5. This is a crap movie
    The goth chick looks good
    The original movie was meh but not horrible
    The other movies you said were not good especially paranormal activity
    I agree that people should not judge about how people look
    The witch is a child wtf

  6. William Whitehouse

    Jesus Doug, that hangover footage was a bit to real man.

  7. Wow, the characters in this movie were so annoying that I’m sad that they didn’t all die by the end of the movie.

  8. Since we’re dealing with an unreliable viewpoint done badly in this movie, what does it take to do it well? Anyone have any examples?

  9. SpecialAgentDaleCooper

    This movie is certainly an interesting little beast… and by interesting I mean fucking awful. It’s a shame, because The Blair Witch Project is one of my favourite movies. The same goes for that new one that came out last year… dear God. This movie really does my damn head in.
    Also, I don’t hate Wiccans, but that woman is severely pretentious.

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