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We’re on a mission from garbage. The Nostalgia Critic reviews the sequel that no one wanted, Blues Brothers 2000.

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  1. I’ve never seen the first one, no idea how good it really is.

    That being said, this second one seems absolutely hilarious. You’d think that giant, CG skeletons wouldn’t be funny, or that they’d be somewhat intimidating, but I just found them really funny. I guess it’s because this movie didn’t make much sense and things like giant skeletons in the sky that breathe fire or having that cop see the light in such a ridiculous way just come across as humorous instead of artistic or serious.

  2. The first one isn’t a very good movie either if you don’t understand what cultural environment it came from. Without the SNL connection / back story or the knowledge that half of the people who made the movie were on the edge of insanity from heavy cocaine use at the time, it barely makes any sense either. But it became a classic for a reason, it perfectly fitted the the disillusionment and bleakness of the cold war mindset of the late seventies and early eighties, the feeling that nothing really mattered because we would all die in a nuclear attack / counter-attack soon anyway. Mindless excess mixed with bittersweet (musical) nostalgia because nobody gave a shit about the present. At least I didn’t…

    What the hell happened to Dan Aykroyd over the years? I remember watching him on SNL doing his “Richard Nixon”. He was totally dark, compelling and funny at the same time. He was dangerous back then. Now he’s lamer, unfunnier and more boring than Tim Allen, Jim Belushi and Jay Leno combined. He used to be the guy members of Monty Python praised as the only comedian who could have been an addition to their troupe. What a sad fall from grace. If there’s a perfect example of somebody who totally lost his “touch” when he went to Hollywood, it’s him – and Eddie Murphy.

    • I don’t know about that, I mean, I’m a dumb twenty-something from France, who spent his early life not even knowing what the cold wars, and who didn’t connect the dot at all between this movie and the nuclear threat when I watched it, and I really, really enjoyed this film when I watched it for the first time,

      • a few month ago.

        I think that the surreal weirdness, and the strange combination of both an excess of bleakness and absurdity made the film a really enjoyable experience, that stands on it’s own, even without the cultural background.

        Granted, I’m now curious to rewatch it with that knowledge in mind, but I think that it’s still timeless enough to warrant a watching, even with no idea of the cultural environment that went behind it.

      • I completely agree. I’ll be 20 near the end of the month and I saw the original Blues Brothers just last year and thought it was awesome and hilarious even without any of that knowledge.

  3. Ghost pony rider ♫

  4. Oh, Blues Brothers, how you are an amazing movie. …The original, not… THIS one. This review was very entertaining to watch; however, there is one joke that… well… “bothered” me. I’m not suggesting NC stealing jokes, but… the first time I ever heard “Fuckitol” was in Robin Williams’ Live on Broadway stand up special.

    I give the benefit of the doubt that NC thought it was original.

    Oh.. and um… heh… SIMPSONS DID IT. Yeah, yeah. 😛

    Great review, though. 8.5/10 😀

  5. Yes, the movie was not as good as the first one. But damn….The Louisiana Gator Boys were amazing.

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