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The Nostalgia Critic reviews the short lived animated series from Nintendo. Captain N – The Game Master.

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  1. ya know,.. I actually had to check this out. for sake of curiosity, of course.
    saw it on YouTube, there was an “annotation experiment” thing of the entire series.
    I have to say; yeah it was pretty stupid, but I saw what they were,.. “trying”, to do with it.
    I mean, yeah. it’s still nothing more than a pandering, media whoring, tripe of shiest.
    but if they actually put effort into it, it might have been more worth the effort in liking or whatever.
    if they would have put more effort in the characters & character portrayal, it would have been better.
    that among a hell of a lot of other things. but despite the pandering sell-out that it is,
    it would have at least been more tolerable if they would have put more into it than they did.

  2. Mother Brain’s face reminds me of the wife’s caricature from Pink Floyd’s The Wall.

  3. I wonder if Pit and Megaman from Smash brothers looked back on the days and regretted their decision.

    Or maybe they were drunk. They are good friends now 🙂

  4. Oh and gameboy being the greatest hero? Really?

    I wonder how gameboy colour, gameboy advance, DS, DSLite, 3DS and New 3DS feel about that 🙂

    I bet the greatest hero gameboy is probably at this moment, a relic of time gone by.

  5. This is a shity series
    If this is made by Nintendo why do the characters don’t look like the original
    The original Simon dos not has a skirt
    Lucas is a loser
    What would you prefer to take out the trash
    Zelda looks very good
    Why did you trusted Mario?

  6. Ah yes, what a cheap transparent marketing ploy. And what fond memories we hold of it. At least it gave Inspiration to Captain SNES.

    Ah webcomic-sequel, I wholeheartedly recommend to anyone who remembers captain N.

  7. As much as I love your show, NC, it really bugs me every time you use “gay” to mean lame/stupid/goofy/uncool. Calling someone a “gaywad” is really derogatory. You’ve made comments against actors who are homophobic in other reviews, so it’s weird that you yourself would keep making these derogatory jokes.

  8. Relating Nintendo to whores. True fact: back in the 1970s, Nintendo owned a chain of “love hotels.” And if that sounds sleazy, then you have the right idea. Sort of gives a whole new meaning to that game, “Hotel Mario.”

    Also, does anyone else think this design of Simon Belmont looks an awful lot like Cid Highwind from FF7?

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