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The end of Christmas isn’t easy, and this movie doesn’t make it any easier.

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  1. My god the animation is piss your pants scary!

  2. YAY! Oh God! YES! I’m so excited for this. The Care Bears continue! 😀

  3. also didn’t you say you WEREN”T going to review this?

  4. Perfect way to ring in the new year.

  5. It really is surprising that there were absolutely no Christmas movies in theaters this year.

  6. ThatManWithTheHeadband12

    Crackers AND Nuts? Wow I didn’t realize how crazy the white people were this year. Thanks Care Bears!

  7. I think that’s supposed to be a type of weight, not a cow bell… come to think of it even as a kid I knew it was a weight and I don’t know why o_O

    • I think it’s supposed to be a ton weight, and if that’s the case, then it’s a terrible pun. Basically, if my guess is correct, then the implication is that Lotsa Heart Elephant has a ton of heart.

      As far as why you would recognize it as a weight, I would guess it’s because ton weights are used interchangeably with anvils, safes, and pianos in slapstick cartoons.

  8. You know it’s going to be fun when he busts out his firearm.

  9. sigh

    why does this one even exist?

  10. … Matrix Month ?

    Wow… that’s awesome o.o

  11. If the Critic is Anti-Horn, I get the feeling he wouldn’t enjoy Ico.

  12. I thought you WEREN’T reviewing this!?

    I think Grumpy Bear exists as the Care Bears’ equivalent of Grouchy Smurf. Oddly enough, Hugs and Tugs WEREN’T the Scrappies of Care Bears.

    Matrix Month? Fortunately, I can watch the first movie on IFC, if it comes on soon enough, and THEN I’ll watch the reviews.

  13. Around 14:27 – Why does Tender Heart have Grumpy’s voice?

  14. ThatManWithTheHeadband12

    Was I the only one expecting The Devil/Mr. Zebub to be who Malcolm was playing reacting to Critic’s “Anti-Horn” stance?

  15. Matrix month is awesome idea!
    I very liked Tamara and Malcolm with horns, joke was nice too…but beware Hellboy, beware him…Or his fans:D

  16. So much for never doing another Care Bears… Not that i’m complaining!

  17. You’re anti-horn? Daniel Radcliffe will kick your ass, buddy boy. LOL

  18. You missed Ghostbusters in the credits.

  19. Nostalgia Critic-There are five more care bears movies. Care bears:journey to joke-A-Lot and The Care Bears Big Wish Movie,Care Bears :Oopsy does it,Care Bears Share bear shines and Care Bears:The Giving Festival!

  20. I’m very split on the “it’s for kids” excuse. On the one hand mindless fluff like this isn’t going to harm children, but on the other hand Legend of Korra had lesbians.

    • But Korra was also aimed at a considerably older audience than Care Bears. Like, Care Bears, from what I can tell, is aimed at kids the age of, oh… five or less? Korra is more aimed at teens. Or grown-ups for that matter, Bryan and Mike were clearly aware of their older fanbase as well.

    • So you think LGBT individuals being acknowledged is harmful to kids? Kinda of pathetic, but then again bigots are renowed for any positive traits of humanity.

      • Leone never said anything about it being harmful. What it was feels like it was saying was that some people use the “it’s for kids” excuse for shows like LoK do have adult themes. Anyways 1. what you said does not make sense if you are an average person just scrolling through. 2. You are insulting a random person on the internet when you have no background knowledge to say that one is a bigot.

      • Maybe I misunderstood him, but what I took it to mean was something more like:
        “On one hand, there isn’t anything particularly wrong with this Care Bears stuff because mindless fluff like that isn’t going to harm any children. But on the other hand, plenty of shows that are for kids are actually really good and intelligent and have a lot more to them than just mindless fluff (for example, Korra has lesbians among other things), and that kind of stuff is actually good for kids, rather than just ‘not harmful’. So while I don’t have a problem with the former, the latter seems like a better choice.”
        Or something like that.

        If he was saying that Korra having lesbians is a bad thing, I don’t think his comment about being split on the ‘it’s for kids’ excuse would make any sense. He would be saying “I’m torn about this excuse that poorly-made, substanceless shit is okay because ‘it’s for kids’. On one hand, I agree with said excuse, because said shit doesn’t actually harm children. On the other hand, I disagree with said excuse, because Korra is harmful to kids.” If he thought Korra was in the ‘substanceless shit’ category, he wouldn’t have said that it doesn’t harm children, and he wouldn’t be torn. If he thought Korra was not in that category, it would have made no sense for him to bring it up at all, because it has nothing to do with his being torn about the ‘it’s for kids’ excuse when it comes to mindless fluff. As far as I can tell, the only logical way to interpret what he said is to assume that he thinks Korra having lesbians is a good thing.

        I guess what I’m saying is, I know it’s sometimes hard to tell what people mean, but you should put at least a little bit of effort into doing so (or if you’re not willing to, at least give them the benefit of the doubt), before you start calling them names. For example, I used my context clues to induce that you just forgot to type the word ‘lacking’, and that you didn’t actually mean to say that “bigots are renowed [sic] for any positive traits of humanity.” If I were lazy like you and just assumed things, this comment might instead have been about how odd I find it that you apparently hold bigots in such high regard.

    • Not saying kids can’t know what a lesbian is, but LoK’s probably not the best example for something you could show kids of this age group because it also involved bloodbending, murder, kidnapping, political issues, a god of darkness, several wars, some just plain brutal scenes of people being hurt, torture, several radicals, and someone who is basically a socialist/Nazi in the final season…… Also, I’m pretty sure Mako electrocutes someone to death at one point, not to mention all the trippy imagery Korra goes through.

      And Carebears is like more along the lines of something I’d have a toddler watch. Not really challenging or really scary, just sort-of bright, simple, and cute to keep them busy for a bit.

    • Korra and Asami are bi.

  21. 20:48 Dear Fucking God Critic What Have you Done?

  22. Should have known there was more Care Bears eventually.

    But Matrix Month next? Whoa…

  23. No leprechaun-clip for the pogosticks?

  24. I would love to see NC review the Nutcracker 3D (it’s the with Holocaust), the movie is truly horrible. For those who speak Russian, there is a good review of this monstrosity. (Remove the spaces)
    https:// com/ watch? v=Orz_zDshbGo

  25. Hilarious review as usual, Doug!

    I love all of you guys at Channel Awesome so much, keep up the good work and merry xmas!

  26. I don’t get Christmas withdrawal, I get post-Christmas happiness, because the shittiest time of the year is over.

  27. I WON!

    As I knew I WOULD!

    Matrix month in Jan?!


  28. This episode entertained me, as I knew it WOULD.

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