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Doug takes a look back at the 1995 Casper live action film.

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  1. I absolutely LOVED the Timing running gag

  2. To be honest, this movie is harmless. I don’t know if like is the right word, but there is a place in my heart for goofy movies like this. I think the celebrity cameos do somewhat ruin it, like they’re not taking themselves seriously, but I do think there is a certain charm in Casper.

    • And what’s more interesting for the critic being an Animaniacs fan is that while still working with Spielberg as producer, Sherri Stoner and Deanna Oliver wrote this movie. Stoner also Slappy Squirrel’s voice.

  3. I gotta be honest, I really didn’t like the Ghostbusters bit at the end. It just went on a bit too long, IMHO. Also, the guy’s goofy expression at 22:55 really killed it for me. A shame, because everything before the end is hilarious.

  4. I forgot to add, I found Casper imitating the boy talking to Kat to be hilarious. I’m surprised you didn’t point it out as a genuinely funny moment.

  5. -This is a harmless stupid movie
    -Casper is being nice and even says hi friendly and people scream scarred shitles
    -These cameos if they would be real then they would haw not ran away cos they dealt with real scary ghosts
    -Seriously Casper is being so friendly and they all just scream and run what pussy’s are in this movie
    -Yes i could tell the different
    -You made a very funny joke about the talk
    -So Caspers dad was a pedophile
    -I don’t care how evil she is she just became a ghost she would not be that strong she would be weak
    -Casper is creepy

  6. Hey Critic, you’re a huge Animaniacs fan. Guess who wrote the script for Casper? Deanna Oliver and Sherri Stoner aka Slappy Squirrel. There’s no reason for u to dislike it, even though clearly the movie is interesting because two writers for Animaniacs and one the voice of Slappy wrote this movie.

  7. And Spielberg execute producing it while still producing Animaniacs at the time.

  8. High school in 1996. Still watching Animaniacs before it was cancelled.

  9. how were you able to grab Casper at the end of the video, you couldn’t grab him before

  10. Because it’s animated.

  11. I LOVE this movie.

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