Christmas Story 2 – Nostalgia Critic

A sequel that DEMANDED to be made! Did A Christmas Story really need A Christmas Story 2?

Also, Check Out the CinemaSins Episode that Doug appeared in!

Everything Wrong With How The Grinch Stole Christmas – With Nostalgia Critic.

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  1. ThatManWithTheHeadband12


  2. Awesome to see another video! I’m thankful!

  3. There was a sequel?

  4. one could argue that the original deserved a sequel, it’s just that this movie does not deserve to be that sequel

  5. Called it since seeing Rob’s teasers on Facebook. God help you, Doug.

  6. Whatever happened to ‘Sibling Rivalry’? ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ and then, nothing.

    Has it been discontinued or are there just too many other projects going?

  7. awww! this is one less thing Mike J can do, original.

  8. i ca’t believe they made a sequel

  9. I have to wait until this pops up on the youtube channel. All the blip videos (if that’s indeed what you’re still using), lag and slow down incredibly bad on my computer.

  10. This ACTUALLY HAPPENED? I thought it was an internet prank!

  11. to be fair, I didn’t think the first movie was all that funny either. it was just weird and freaky.

  12. Cinnamon Scudworth

    In the direct-to-video wasteland, you’d be surprised what can happen. During a recent glance I spotted Jingle All The Way 2(starring Larry the Cable Guy) and Elf Bowling: The Movie.

    There was also something starring Paris Hilton that was made in THIS decade.

  13. I remember showing my dad the trailer to this on Youtube, and he gave me quite the death glare for showing him that this exists. XD

  14. Ya know, even if Hyper Fan Girl wanted to make him love Christmas, it’s kind of hard to feel bad for her after the whole… “kidnapping” and “manipulation” thing

    • ThatManWithTheHeadband12

      And conning Chester out of his coat

    • Yeah. I get what they were going for, but the message of togetherness is kind-of lost at “She hired a hitman to kidnap me!” That, and the Onceling connection *shudders*

    • I can’t believe Doug went for the “annoyed person loses temper with the annoying person who made the annoyed person’s life hell, annoying person leaves in tears, annoyed person is forced to track down allegedly quirky person and apologize, annoying person never has to endure any consequences or learn not to be so annoying” cliche. I thought he hated that kind of thing.

      • Well, I think she DID learn her lesson. That’s why she left at the end. She allowed herself that small moment of her head on his shoulder and then left, not expecting anything more from him. She also admitted that what she did to him in the past was wrong. Actually, I was rather moved by the whole thing, while also laughing my ass off. XD

        • Ultimately what I got from it is she’s a better Fangirl now than she was when she first saw NC in the Lorax review. She’s faced reality and is now on track to making her own life, rather than obsessing over one guy (in this case NC). I get the sense that, some reviews down the road, with whatever Hyper Fangirl we see I wouldn’t expect her to buy into a character like The Onceling.

        • I was actually legit touched by that sequence.

      • I’m pretty sure Doug has proven by this point that he’s a complete hypocrite when it comes to cliches. You can clearly see that in a couple of his anniversary films, especially the 4th one. I guess that means that if you hate a cliche enough, you start having it in your own videos as well.

        Actually, by that logic, I can’t wait to see a bully character appear on his show or stringing out a lie throughout the review only to be revealed at the end or maybe even a misunderstanding. The latter might have happened already actually.

        Kidding aside and while I’m on the subject, he has his own cliche that drives me insane. Portraying haters as blood-thirsty insane people. I mean he does realize this isn’t Youtube right? That’s who he’s aiming towards with that, not anyone on this website because those people instantly get shot down by others. Which is pretty much what’s going to happen to this comment too.

        Now with that all said, I found the review good, the movie obviously terrible and the inclusion of CinemaSins awesome. Have a great Christmas everyone.

        • Tbh, I think he expects us to know about how he feels about those types of situations in movies, and he uses the deliberatly as a joke, that’s just my theory though.

        • actually if you watch his commentary for the lorax he points out that he does that kind of stuff on purpose. and if you pay close attention to some of his reviews, he will be showcasing whatever he’s critisizing in the movie, in his review.

  15. WOW. This film is a contender for worst of the year.

    Also, HYPER’S BACK!!!!

    I felt bad for her at the yelling part, but I loved the ending. Great work NC and Crew!!!!

  16. Haven’t watched the full video yet, but I have to say; I really hope that you cut off the sound effects from the 2015 NC intro.

    • Agreed. I like the intro music but I hate his random screams of pain and the over-the-top sound effects that play over it.

    • Now I’ve seen the full review. Incredible. Amazing. Great. And… How dare you give me the feels on this Holiday season!

      • Couldn’t agree more. Doug, Rob, if you guys read this, PLEASE cut out the sound effects from the intro. I love the visuals and the music, but hate having to listen to “AAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGH!!!! AAAARRRRRRHUHUHHUHUHUH!!!! BUH!!!! UH!!! AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!! BANG!!!!! POW!!!!” every time a new video starts.

    • FilmBrainsGoldfish

      Yeah there are sound effects in the intro. THIS IS AN OUTRAGE. This is the worst thing that has happened all year. Sound effects in an intro? Christmas is RUINED.

    • TheDeviousHoneyBadger7

      Seconded. The sound effects make me skip the intro now.

    • When the intros first started, I fell in love with that opening music, and looked forward to it each and every time. Then the sound effects got added. And I could see having a few sound effects, and some of them are funny, but really, it’s overkill. It does make the opening less enjoyable to me, and makes me long for the original.

      So, reduce the sound effects (use just a couple instead of a lot), and please take out the “hit me in the crotch” shot. I mean, yeah, a lot of people find that stuff funny, but for those of us who don’t, c’mon, do we have to see it every single time we watch a video? I love how his material and choice of humor and pathos has matured over the years I’ve been following him, but if I were his producer I’d give him one hit-in-the-nuts gag per year and a bonus if he restrained himself and instead found other ways to be funny.

  17. ThatManWithTheHeadband12

    CinemaSins, Chester and Fangirl Oh My! At first my opinion of the episode really soured at Critic’s blowup. But then Critic’s post-Plot Hole character development kicked back in. I mean really, electrocution and spending 3 and a half months in the upper atmosphere is a cruel and unusual enough punishment enough to clean her slate. Funny review too. TO THE BLENDER OF EGGNOG WE GO!

    • I had mixed reactions to the blowup. On the one hand, that was some of the wittiest putdowns I’ve heard in months, and I love me some creative insults; if it weren’t 2 AM with my whole family sleeping I’d’ve been laughing out loud for most of it. On the other hand, yeah, it got to be like whipping a puppy there, and I didn’t expect to feel that reaction for Fangirl. So I’m glad it was used as part of character development instead of just being mean, and the ending was sweet, especially the sofa snuggle and the fact that she knew enough to leave when it was time.

    • given how little of an affect it seemed to have on her, I have to disagree, especially since it doesn’t even hinder her stalking of the Critic. It’s also clear that she understands he’s trying to avoid her yet she still doesn’t care. His blowup was hilarious, a highlight of the review, and frankly, at most Hyper deserves an apology, but even that’s stretching it since she never gave him one, and she, on every level did worse to him than the other way around.

  18. Awwwww Tamaraaaaaaaa

  19. Very clever Doug- Wrapping up a character arc, but leaving the door open for them to return (quite literally)

  20. Woah! The music… the awesome music… it’s like a cross between Skyrim and Path of the Wind…

    Also, I hope that whoever called Benny for a “job” in the middle of the review will be revealed soon, and the victim…

  21. Hope HFG comes back one day with the Hitman, they’re just so much fun together and there’s so much potential to do stuff with a Fangirl that has firepower behind her.

  22. Great review! Although the blowup was extremely mean, and it’s explained why it happened…I dunno, just felt a bit strange. Other than that, loved it!

  23. I really wish Doug could just go back to making just reviews without having all of this incoherent story mixed in.

    • I guess in your case Dough is having a Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus moment…….. actually never mind nothing that terrible, but I actually like the stories as long as its not to long a does not derail the review.

  24. Blaze The Movie Fan

    Yeah the first Christmas Story movie is fucking awesome, one of the best Christmas movies out there.

    The sequel on the other hand has nothing that made the first one good. It’s just horrible.

  25. Cheerleader outfit loooooooooooooooooooool

  26. Oh good lord that rant at the end. I won’t be able to stop giggling at that for weeks. Nice legs there Critic :).

  27. LonelyVoorheesGeek

    What was with that ending of the review?
    Is it supposed to mean something?

  28. That was good ending

  29. Really funny review! The ending was pretty sweet, I like how it didn’t take any awkward turns, it just stayed perfectly heartwarming.
    Also Malcolm is a badass 10/10

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