Nostalgia Critic Commentary: The Shining

The cast gets together to discuss Halloween…around Christmas!

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  1. Sam Raimi was getting declined left and right for the distribution of Evil Dead, a friend told him to get a quote from Stephen King at the Cannes since King was at a screening of Evil Dead, King opted to write a positive review which he let Raimi quote anything from it. That led to Evil Dead being distributed in Europe, which led to American distributors. When it came time for Evil Dead 2, Stephen King asked a producer he was working with for an adaptation to fund a movie by Raimi. That’s twice that King stood up for Raimi and his work. There you go, the reason Raimi cameoed in The Shining.

  2. Sean the Xenomorph

    Shining is not the only King story to take place in Maine, Misery is in Colorado as well! The more you know

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