Conan the Destroyer – Nostalgia Critic

Conan baby!.. Again! Let’s check out Conan the Destroyer.

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  1. Arnold is the better Conan then the new Conan
    Its the old Camel
    People just think that virgins are pure so there soul is more preferable but i daut that is matter to the gods
    Magic makes it easy to build a castle anywhere
    Its not the wizard its a monster he created
    The Sorcerer magic is not what makes that sound it his arm bracelets hitting together
    She is not an idiot she is just trusting him

    Nostalgia Criket so you want to haw him as your Cherri popper

  2. Holy shit, I didn’t know Wilt fucking Chamberlain was in this movie!

  3. you should do an old vs new of Conan

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