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Doug takes a look at the 1995 film Congo.

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  1. Its a shame such a great book got ruined by Hollywood. I love Crichton’s work and the book was actually very good as Crichton has a good way of mixing fact and fiction. If you still check these Mr. Walker I suggest you pick up the book it’ll make you forget all about this movie.

  2. This is a fine movie even if it sucks
    Tickle me Amy is a cute toy
    Why dos he has no problem men taking off the leach off his dick but a lady is a nono is he gay
    Gorillas are not evil they are overprotective
    These are not normal gorillas

  3. I wished Doug would have attacked the stupid monkey laser scene but he liked it

  4. Costumes don’t look cheap to me…. actualy, i think they kinda awesome.

  5. “it’s in the theater next store” xD

  6. attack of the cheesy accents tim curry has done over the years

  7. Tony Ciccariello

    when The Talking Amy toy started getting twisted, i could not stop laughing

  8. Bruce campbell was the best part… 🙁

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