Cowboys of Moo Mesa – Was That Real?

Cowboys that are COWS! Get it? The Nostalgia Critic takes a look at the 1990’s cartoon – Cowboys of Moo Mesa on this episode of Was That Real?

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  1. Hey Doug Walker and Channel Awesome team! I just want to say thank you all very much for all of the entertainment you provide for all of us and all the effort you all put into the entertainment, especially The Nostalgia Critic reviews. But I’m also really hoping if you guys could please do a Nostalgic Critic review on the movie Freddie As F.R.O.7? It’s an animated cinematic movie from the 1990’s, which can be fully viewed on Youtube. I have a good feeling that it could be one of funniest reviews ever to be done.

  2. One explanation; Furries! Gay Furries, to be exact.

    • And straight girl furries. They exist too.

    • Did somebody mention gay furries?!

      Er.. I mean.. salutations and greetings, my friend. I’ve.. actually never heard of this show. Tho’, I got nothin’ against anthro equines, I’ll tell ya that.

    • I’m not sure gay furries, or furries in general, are all that into this show. If they were, I’d expect to find a lot more R34 out there, but there is hardly any.

    • That might be why it was thought up, but probably did not find that audience. That didn’t really happen until the internet came around, outside of much more wide-ranging stuff like looney toons and disney’s robin hood.

  3. Looks like my cousin ain’t the only one who knows about this show. I only know of it because of the arcade game, which was a fun rip-off of Sunset Riders.

  4. I actually watched this show and i remember liking it. I know i had 1-2 of the toys. I actually used and still do like the show Street Sharks, oh i know its terrible, but it was still fun just like The Cowboys of Moo-Mesa.

    • I’d love to see a WTR on Street Sharks!

      • That makes three of us. I’ve had people try to claim Street Sharks never existed.

        • I remember Street Sharks. I also remember my brother walking around the house singing the theme song to Cowboys of Moo Mesa. Good times.

        • Anyone remember Dinosaucers? It was another strange show with Anthropomorphic animals this time working with a “power rangers” type team. Think Transformers but with semi-useful human sidekicks.

          As on the why did the show have to be an Acronym, the Animated Series COPS (Central Organisation of Police Specialists) why had badges and police cars, and uniforms.

          • SailorRustyBacon

            Yup, I remember those! C.O.P.S. (Fighting crime in the future time!) actually had to be re-named CyberC.O.P.S. during its re-airing, because of the reality-based tv show COPS airing some years after. Bulletproof kinda looked like an afro-american Clark Kent! I vaguely remembered Dinosaucers, since it had a shorter syndication run where I lived at the time.

            I also remembered Barnyard Commandos, James Bond Jr., and Comic Strips which featured shows like Tiger Sharks (from the same people that did Thundercats & Silverhawks), Karate Cat and Street Frogs (unrelated to Street Sharks).

          • Mummies Alive! Mummies protecting the reincarnation of a murdered prince. The mummies could take on the animal forms of their patron gods/goddesses.

            I was so disappointed in the final episode I eventually wrote a crappy fan fiction where Scarab was destroyed for real.

      • I’d love to see a WTR on King Arthur and the Knights of Justice.

        Check it out. It’s stupidity is so monumentally legendarily that it makes Cow-Boys of Moo Mesa look fully-baked. Or not baked, depending on how you interpret it.

        Regardless, nothing I could say about the show could prepare you for it, other than, “It’s about a football team that goes back in time to Arthurian Britain to fill in for King Arthur, whereupon they are given armor, weapons, the knowledge of how to ride and fight, and the most illogical horse-pushed wagons ever drawn, all courtesy of the Round Table and the celestial goddess that inhabits it.” You heard me. “Horse-PUSHED.”

  5. Where do you find these Doug? That’s two in a row that I thought never actually existed!

  6. I completely forgot about this show lol

  7. I saw Dog City in the montage! I want to see a vid on Dog City

  8. I remember watching this show and liking it, but was always sad there wasn’t a third season.

    The best thing that came out of this franchise was the awesome arcade game. I remember playing it as much as TMNT and The Simpsons at my local mini golf place.

  9. It looks like the Nostalgia Critic is getting back to his roots of reviewing old shows that everybody vaguely remembers or never heard of before. It’s nice seeing the Nostalgia Critic actually being nostalgic.

  10. Well now I wonder when you’re going to cover Biker Mice from Mars… Which were awesome in spite the obvious silliness & got the worse follow up second season EVER….. It was made over a decade after the original show & dear god does it look bad. The original animation looks old but the one from 2006 looks just plain BAD.. & Who the fuck thought making them ride CG Bikes (& half the time only) was a good idea?

    • Where you from? To many of us in Finland, that was the epitome of mid-90s action cartoons. Very important in our childhood. But in our teens it actually gained even more popularity/notoriety among my friends when we learned of the completely off-the-wall, hilarious dubbing the show was blessed with. Bizarre line readings, dirty allusions, straight up profanity I’m pretty sure wasn’t there in the original script… None of us expected it to became such a treasure chest of quotes.

      But I digress.

    • I was about to ask about Biker Mice as well. Though I believe the 2nd season was more of a second series as the 80’s/90’s TMNT is to the 2003 TMNT. Truthfully I have little knowledge of any of the other Anthro people shows outside TMNT. I remember Biker Mice, Cowboys, Street Sharks and Bucky O’Hare being around but the only one I ever paid attention to was the the lean Green Fighting Team. But if Doug seems to be hitting some older shows again I’d love to see some of the others covered.

    • Biker Mice From Mars was my absolute favorite cartoon as a child! The toys were really awesome too and i had a bunch of them. Really underrated show in my opinion even though it was pretty big here in Finland as mentioned. It would be really cool to see Nostalgia Critic review it.
      And by the way the original show had three seasons from 1993 to 1996. I don´t even want to talk about the 2006 version…

  11. The comet hit in the 1800s raised the Mesa and the radiation caused some of the animals to mutate they decided to style they’re society after what they knew Cowboys and the west

    • And humans never discovered this animal society?

      • Well… to be fair… our species (that is, homo sapiens; I might be a fur, but I know what I am) is superb at losing things. Not too good at finding them.

        (I’m not referencing anything in particular, aside from my ex’s inability to find the remote.. when it’s on the couch next to him.)

        • To be fair, as a guy, I can lose things. But I at least admit it. Most guys just say, “Somebody stole it.” (thank you, Jeff Foxworthy, for that revelation)

          • “That’s right, Jeff. Somebody broke into our house, ignored the TV and the stereo, grabbed your remote, and ran out the door.”

    • Yep, that’s the real backstory. Nope, we never address cow cannibalism. I actually saw this show before I watched ninja turtles and thought tmnt was ripping this off.

  12. I remember watching this show at one point when I was little, I honestly didn’t remember anything about it beyond that though, lol…..

  13. Actually saw this one somewhere. Remembered this one because of the sight of cows riding horses, and yes because they were constantly using the phrase ‘code of the west.’ Were these strange biped cows eating the regular cows? Were they cannibals?

  14. I remember watching this and there was an episode where they shrank boots to fit better. Great takeaway from the show.

  15. It’s Code Of the West because they’re not actually cows. They’re bulls.

  16. It might be just me, but after you’ve seen space biker rodents, this is almost mundane.

  17. Trixie_is_best

    I remember this show and do like its intro, cant really recall the second season. Granted the show was weird for its time, compared to shows nowadays it is rather tame as for concept.

    From the closer look there, it is nice to see its first season but some serious thought as for as characters and story went. Be nice to see a Moo Mesa and TMNT crossover in one of the TMNT series, just make it an episode or two is all.

  18. Here’s an odd thing, “Cow” is the name for the female of the group of animals called “Bovine” and, specifically, a cow is an animal that has given birth. So in the show, since they’re male, they’re bulls. Not cows.
    Why are they raising and herding bovine when they themselves are bovine? Well…. You could make the possible argument that while they’re the same species they’re two different animals. After all we, as humans, use lower primates like monkeys and apes for any number of purposes. Granted, not for food but likely not because of connections between humans and monkeys and apes and there’s probably some groups of humans out there who eat lower primates or some have had in the distant past.
    So there’s a thin reason why our anthropomorphic bovine are raising cattle for unclear purposes. They’re lower animals even they may share some genetic similarities. Which all life on Earth shares.
    But this all doesn’t explain while the females in this show, true cows, have bosom since the milk-producing and providing organs on cows are the udders. I get it’s “less sexy” for the female characters to have a large, sloshy, milk-producing sack than for them to have breasts like a human woman but… Are we worried about whether or not a cartoon humanoid cow is “sexy” in a children’s show?

    • We don’t use primates for food in our culture. But there are those who do eat them.

      • I suspect(ed) that there are/were just wasn’t sure off the top of my head.
        The “idea” still more-or-less holds true that the bovine in the show are different than the bovine they’re raising, they’re lower animals even if they share a common ancestor. Just as humans use lesser primates for any number of experiments so as to not risk human lives on uncertain things. And then, it would seem, some cultures do eat lesser primates.

  19. Devil's Advocate

    and there was at least one thing that was a crap past the radar moment that only the adults would get that you may not realized you actually showed, Doug. when Lilli got into a fight on stage with her old saloon girl rival and they started ripping their cloths apart and Cody got into it before Dakota covered his eyes. some may find that kind or creepy but I don’t think it’s the same when it’s a child perving on an adult. at least, there are no immediate child molestation implications.

    • Devil's Advocate

      I guess the child doing it to the adult never ceeped me out because nothing would likely come of it that way.

      • Devil's Advocate

        I know that didn’t quite come out right but these comments can’t be edited. to clarify more on the second part, these instances in fiction are one sided on the child’s part.

    • That’s because it’s natural for a child, especially one who’s going through puberty and may not have ever seen someone else naked, to stare in such a situation. Why do you think so many little kids “play doctor” and get naked in front of each other?

      An adult staring at a naked child for anything other than a medical examination is sick and wrong and such individuals ought to kill themselves. Pedophiles are not humans, they’re not even animals. They’re just demonic monsters with nothing of value to contribute to the world.

  20. Any chance of covering Captain Simian and the Space Monkeys? Think Star Trek with Apes.

  21. Good God, now you guys HAVE to cram in video-game references to Editorial-ish episodes as well? Jesus.

    If that’s the case, GO AHEAD AND WATCH COWBOY COWS- er, CO-COWS- or, BOY-COWS, or…
    …MY GOD, I can’t believe you actually watched that!!

  22. Three Things I need to say

    One: What the fuck is that lol Oh my God Critic

    Two: Don’t feel too bad, you’re not the only one who watches shows that others consider dumb or underrated

    and Three: REVIEW THE LOST BOYS!!!

  23. In Libris Libertas

    Apparently I buried memeories of this cartoon deep deep down.I’m pretty sure I only saw it between channels.

  24. PLS do the Count Duckula !

  25. well if you wanna look at western cartoon show than you must look at orginal Lucky Luke. that is the western show i did watch and grown up with it 🙂

  26. I’m glad that I grew up with the much more awesome wild-west cartoon “Lucky Luke”!!

  27. ilovethings andstuff

    i loved the cowboys of moo mess growing up..

    • ilovethings andstuff

      oh and I think the story was that the wild life in that area was mutated and evolved because of the comet. and they based their society on the old west that was happening at the same time

  28. Great review Doug/NC. I remember COW Boys of Moo Mesa growing up. Vaguely, but thanks for the stroll down memory lane. Hey, any chance of you doing a review of other anthro cartoons from the 90s? I’d be keen on seeing you do a review of Biker Mice from Mars. Maybe compare/contrast the original 90s to the 2006 remake.

  29. Great review, I don’t think this show was ever translated to Swedish so I never saw it but it actually look kind of fun.

    Hoping to see a review like this of Pirates of Dark Water and/or Swat Kats, those are my favorite cartoons of all time but I rarely hear anyone talk about them.

  30. I remember this old show that I watched for a while and I can’t find a single person that watched it that wasn’t me. It was called something like “The Fiddly-Foodle-Bim-Bam-Boodle Bird” Do one on that.

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