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This guy’s gonna play Batman? It’s time to review the Daredevil movie!

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  1. ThatManWithTheHeadband12

    Welcome back Orlando! It had been far too long since we’ve seen you!

    • Yes! It’s awesome to see Orlando again. Was Malcolm not available at the time of filming?

      Anyways, I didn’t exactly despise this movie, but I did come out a bit flabbergasted on what I just watched. I remember the internet saying that “Ben Affleck can’t act and run at the same time” when the movie was out.

      I think the saving grace of this movie was Colin Farrell. He’s just so damn over the top to the point where he cracked me up in all of his scenes.

      I think Ben Affleck has gotten a lot better since this movie and I’m still hoping he’ll pull off a decent Batman.

      Great review like always, Doug and definitely bring Orlando back more often!


    • yeah,he’s awesome.

      i feel like NC neglected to mention Trenchcoats
      That was a big thing for awhile,whenever BTS people were embarassed what character was in their movie they’d just pop him in a black trenchcoat,years after they weren’t even cool anymore.
      and it’s never in a good movie
      -Blackheart in Ghost Rider
      -Liev Schreiber in Wolverine
      -this movie

    • I thought this film was alright. Many issues of course.

  2. The Mysterious M

    MCD made this movie for me.

  3. Mind you, the movie was sorta slash to garbage, I heard the extend cut was better

    • It was kind of better……Its still moronic that people keep trying to claim Ben Afleck made this movie shit, he was fine in the movie…Actors can only do so much where they’re given a shit script to work with….

      • Indeed. Even Doug pointed this out back in his Top 11 Good Things About the Star Wars Prequels video.

      • I also like the Director’s Cut better than the theatrical. I also hate it when people hate on Ben Affleck like that. Besides, he met his future wife, the beautiful and kick-ass Jennifer Garner, in this movie (BTW, I also like the Elektra spin-off, and I only saw and own the director’s cut of that film as well), AND he made and starred in Argo, which is a really good film.

        I’m still waiting for someone on Channel Awesome to review Gigli, and Doug already talked about the Christopher Walken scene in his Top 11 Hilarious Christopher Walken Moments. …Suddenlt, I’m in the mood for some pie.

    • It was better. Adds an extra couple of scenes that give the reporter more depth and explores his work as a lawyer more. I’d say check it out. Doug is being really unfair to this movie. Especially since he could have done Elektra, A.L. Hulk, or Superman Returns.

  4. So…where’s Malcolm?

    • ThatManWithTheHeadband12

      He thought he was gonna be out of town on filming day, so they wrote him out. When it ended up that it was gonna be later, he went and filmed Behind the Scenes stuff

  5. I’ve always liked this movie. I saw it as a kid and liked it. Saw it again years later and still liked it. Admittedly it was Colin Firth and Michael Clarke Duncan that kept me going moreso than Ben Affleck but still.

    Also I love Evanescance so that might help

  6. Looking back, this film isn’t as bad as some make it sound. Yeah some bad performances and some garbage fight choreography, but this isn’t a horrible effort for 2002. Lord knows there has been a lot worse since.

  7. I really liked this movie and still do, but yeah it’s kind of been eclipsed by everything that’s followed it.

  8. I remember being excited about this film because it was my first “adult” comic book film. I was mildly disappointed/bored with the result and went back to X-men. I then proceeded to forget it ever existed until I saw this review and thought “Hey-I’ve seen this!”

    The religious symbolism is forced and really out of place. I love religious symbolism when it’s done right, but this is just…uncomfortable, and not in a good way.

    Not a good movie. At all.

  9. Well… the soundtrack is great. I still have the CD. I don’t have the movie. There’s a reason for it.

  10. I gotta say, I kinda like Daredevil, but mostly for their version of Bullseye whom I found more fun than the comic version. Also, I hate to say this but well when Doug brought up the examples of “comic book movies that were too dark and gritty”, but the stuff like “Spawn” and “Constantine”. Those were kinda based on REALLY dark and gritty comics, hell even the Punisher and Blade were based on rather serious comic stories, though how can one watch The Blade movie and tell me it was supposed to be taken seriously is beyond me, an you could argue the Punisher is kinda silly with how many people he kills and the colorful badguys he encounters but it’s still about a vigilante who kills people in the most gruesome of ways.

  11. To quote another great reviewer,

    “A bunch of guys decided to shout ‘Justice’ as if it meant anything.”

    • I know what’s NOT justice- killing off a perfectly good character and having that death do little for the story (this movie, and a certain comic I won’t mention).

  12. Together, we can BE justice!

  13. I’m sorry, Doug, but this is one of those reviews of yours where you can smell bullshit. The Daredevil movies is flawed, but not really a bad one to warrant this type of review. Plus, did you watch the director’s cut? Because that version improves the theatrical version alot, including having a subplot that ties everything together better, including seeing that Kingpin will be serving time, and why. That version was so better that it was the reason why people wanted, for a while, a sequel which was going to be based on Born Again. In all honesty, this movie didn’t warrant a NC review; Elektra, on the other hand, does and I’m surprised you did this one instead of that movie.

    So I’m sorry, Doug; this is just a BS review.

    • Dude he doesn’t freaking care. This is not going to make him fall over in freaking tears. At best he’ll be a little upset you didn’t like it but your word isn’t going to break him. And you didn’t have to be so freaking mean to him.

    • Seriously? You’re gonna claim that a movie isn’t bad enough to get a NC review when there has been multiple occasions of him giving the NC treatment to films he admits to liking (and at least one that he flat out loves)?

    • Green Lantern had a good director’s cut but director’s cut don’t save a movies reputation unless it gets released in theaters.

    • FataMorganaPseudonym

      Aw, poor baby, did someone make fun of your favowite movie? Boo hoo.

    • One one hand, having to watch the DC for the movie to make more sense actually make things worse in comparison. It’s like when people say “the movie makes more sense if you’ve read the book”. No no no, if the movie cannot make sense on it’s own, then it’s a poorly written movie regardless of how good the source material is.

      However with that said, on the other hand, I agree this review still smells of bullshit. A large portion of Doug’s “criticisms” would’ve made sense to him if were paying more attention to the movie, and less to the forced jokes he’s trying to make fit. He says this movie is on a long line of comic book movies that are dark and gritty, then throws titles like Constantine, Spawn, Blade and Punisher up on the screen. All of these are dark and gritty in nature, so it would make sense that the movies based on these titles follow suit.

      Doug questions why the kid would be scared of DD, and questions the “I’m not a bad guy scene”. It’s public perception. The only stories this kid has heard of DD is of him killing, not saving them. The scene that followed is of the realization that people see him (DD) as a killer, not their savior. In his mind, he is the good guy, to everyone else, he is the bad guy.

      Doug questions why Kingpin would willingly fight DD at the end when earlier in the movie, he always had someone else do his dirty work. There’s two answers here. 1. Because, unlike those other people, DD is not beneath him. He may not consider DD to be his equal, but DD is still worthy of a personal beatdown by his own fists. 2. Because this is the one instance he can get his hands dirty and get away with it. As I said earlier, public perception of DD is that of a vigilante that kills. Kingpin can kill DD, then simply “he came here to kill me, I had no choice but to kill him first”. Noone would question it. Kingpin is not a stupid man and he knows how to use law to his advantage.

      Finally, it’s really hard to take Doug seriously when he’s trying to repeatedly play “sexist card” when Tamara’s massive rack is on display like it was in this video.

      • You’re right. I think this is a bad review because he is critizising stuff calling it “2000’s comic movie” when that stuff is actually from the comics. The review looks ignorant. Yes, the movie has a lot of stupid stuff and bad stuff but he ommited lots of good stuff, for example, it looks awesome, the suit looks real yet like the one in the comics, etc.

        He makes fun of Elektra’s name, that’s not the movie’s fault. He makes fun that Elektra died… it would have been too stupid to have her not to die. He thinks that Daredevil’s origin and power are stupid, that’s from the comic (oh, and it’s not like falling on acid and coming out with a big smile and a white face, but perfectly healthy; that makes sense).

        It feels like he thinks the director invented Daredevil in the early 2000’s more than that he’s adapting a comic book character.

      • The Director’s Cut was how it was supposed to be in the first place.

  14. Almost everything the Nostalgia Critic blames on the movie ripping off other early 2000 movies actually originates from the comics. Or is the Nostalgia Critic’s gimmick to ignore the storylines and character development in the comics so he doesn’t have to talk about them? Dark and gritty has always been a trait of the Daredevil comics. Elektra dying – thats something that has to happen in the movies because it happened in the comics. I noticed the Nostalgia Critic didn’t say anything that about Elektra never staying dead for long in the comics.

    • We’re talking about the movie here. If you want an expert on comics, go watch Linkara.

    • Or he simply doesn’t know about the storylines in the comics.

    • I think Doug has the stance that it really doesn’t matter how well something is explained or presented in the source material, if it isn’t presented or explained in the movie that well, or at all, than it is the fault of the movie for not making this knowledge available to the casual movie-viewer with no knowledge of the source material. It actually makes a lot of sense, because if a movie that is adapting a story requires you to have knowledge of the source material beforehand in order to understand it, it would be hard to call it a good movie.

      • That is why he kept apologizing for saying “in the show” during his Last Airbender review. Honestly though I don’t really see how Daredevil would make a good solo character for a movie, I think that character would be far better served in a serial format like TV which is why I have high hopes for the Netflix show.

      • The problem to me is in his conclusión he mención this movie to only put what was popular at the time without any effort or think. That is when is obvios he didn’t investigate a shit. Most of the problems of this movie was bad editing, and some of criticism and muck make me think he didn’t pay attention to the movie.

  15. Great review as always.
    hope you’ll do “what you never new about The Avengers” very soon. after watching it several times and a long time on Tumblr I can honestly say there is a lot you miss the first time around.

  16. ThatGuyWithTheOrangeBeard

    This was so good! Also… Got any virgins?

  17. I always thought that these movies were bad because of bad dialog and acting but the stuff you pointed out makes a lot of sense. I am amazed to see the jump of quality from Super Hero Movies pre 2000 and the ones today.
    I think the Tick also nailed the Justice trope.

  18. 9:45 you forgot “the town”

  19. Tamara looked good in that Electra costume.

  20. I remember seeing this as a kid but all I remember is the Evanescene song and the scene where Jennifer Garner gets a stab to her hands by trying to catch her own dagger. A follow up comment is to come after the review. lol

  21. Why didn’t Electric Nachos short out in the rain?

    • Elektra Natchios. It’s Greek. Jennifer Garner as Elektra actually does have a few of the best Greek beauty traits, I always thought…even though I have no idea if that’s her heritage.

  22. I don’t think a lot of people were all that fair to this film… I think it’s good… or, well, the Director’s Cut is anyway. The theatrical/standard DVD cut is pretty awful, and has some really bad editing and scene placements that hurt the final product.

    As for the rest, sure, it has some obvious symbolism and forced metaphors (though, not nearly as bad at portraying them as Man of Steel is), but that kind of does reflect the character in the comics, who is supposed to have a heavy Christian slant. Though what doesn’t reflect the comics that well is the killing. Even in the Frank Miller run I read where he’s intentionally written in a way to show he’s going insane, he did state his edict not to kill.

    Also, if you don’t think there are people who will bully and attack a blind kid, then you’re just plain ignorant. YES, people like that do actually exist, and yes, there really are groups of people who will be that dickish to anybody, especially in a crap-hole like Hell’s Kitchen is supposed to be. Also, his blindness does impact on his character, because there’s a lot of beauty in the world that he can’t see any longer, that he can barely remember from his childhood. And he’s often in pain given that his senses are so heightened.

    As for criticising Daredevil for having super-powered senses of hearing, smell and touch that make him more effective than before… duh, that’s the point of Daredevil. And you’re talking about a comic book universe where Thor, Captain America and The Hulk exist. Is it really that far-fetched to say that he might have these powers compared to a world with all that?

    • Thank you. This review bugs me but I couldn’t express well why. But my problems were exactly the ones you expressed. His job is to make fun of movies and he knew this one had a bad reputation but is obvios that he didn’t care about Dare Devil or his review would have been diferent. This movie is bad edited but this review show that he didn’t get the idea. This would be awesome if it were a crossover with Linkara or if he research a little about Dare Devil.

      • Indeed, a lot of the problems with this film stem from the fact it got fucked with by the producers. That doesn’t make the original version any easier to sit through, but it does make sense of it. I was quite happy when I came across the directors cut, I was quite surprised. It still has its share of problems and early 2000’s Superhero cliche’s, but structurally, plot-wise and character-wise, it’s a lot better and more enjoyable.

  23. Complaining about the dark and gritty subject matter in the Daredevil movie just shows that Doug didn’t do his research on the topic. The comic, especially following the Frank Miller years, was actually darker and grittier then the movie showed. Elektra was a professional assassin, one of Matt’s ex-girlfriends was an addicted prostitute, and he underwent years of combat training himself.

    Not saying that the movie’s perfect. The plot is rushed and full of holes, especially the Elektra subplot. But some of the things Doug complains about? That’s stuff it did RIGHT.

  24. A clear example of why this Movie sucks is partially because it was directed by the same guy who did Ghost Rider.

    • Okay, no, that’s a really dumb argument. By that logic, Alien sucks because it was directed by the same guy who made Prometheus. Or the movie Falling Down sucks because it was directed by the same guy who made Batman and Robin. Or, The Avengers sucks because it was directed by the guy who wrote Alien Resurrection.

      Lots of directors who make crap can make good stuff. And this film’s Director’s Cut is actually pretty good. Still flawed, but good.

  25. First Scooby-doo, then the Haunted Mansion, now Daredevil. The Critic is now after my nostalgia. I love it!

    Also we need Target and Devilboner to team up. All the Nicholas Cage will be snorted.

  26. man this movie is one of those guilty pleasures for me. i loved it when i was a kid because it was so dark, and because i was stupid. but man i just dont give a fuck bullseye is one of the most fun to watch villains

  27. I'mVeryAngryIt'sNotButter

    Nice return of the “Know any virgins?” joke.

  28. Oh, okay. I want a real thoughts on this movie! Seeing some scenes from this movie make me see the beginning of Marvel movies but a little worse. I kind of want to see this again. This looks hilarious! Lord knows I wasn’t completely paying attention when I was a kid.

  29. I should say that I didn’t agree with everything you said, and I did find the review funny.
    I just think it’s not quite as bad as you’ve made it out to be here.

  30. I gotta say, this review was his most boring since Swan Princess. Probably because the film itself is boring and not interesting with little to nothing to make fun of. Yes, I was the one who requested, but I was new then and didn’t know better. Plus, I requested when the cut-off date was infected. Anyway, I did hate this movie before, but looking at the clips, I can’t say it’s technically bad aside from Ben Affleck. Just boring (ala Junior).

    As for the director’s cut, I haven’t seen it. I heard people said it was better and I agree he probably should’ve bring it up. However, he might bring it up in his real thoughts video.

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