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Can toast really help you find the Devil? This movie says…YES!

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  1. How exactly is it possible to kill the devil?

    And could you let God know? 😛

  2. This is actually one of my most favorite reviews actually. Nice work NC

  3. there’s a reason why we hate shamalon,
    and every new movie that he makes, reminds us of that reason…
    by the way, it’s the democrats the devil made,.. well,.. all political alignments & politics in general.
    lore & stories say that the devil likes to toy with the free will that god bestowed onto us mortals, so he devised a playing ground. and that playing ground, among other aspects & alignments, was politics.

  4. They foreshadowed that the old lady was the devil, but they did it so subtly that it seems to come right the fuck out of nowhere when the final reveal happens. Shyamalan then kills her off, which is probably trying to throw us off his scent. It’s unusual for Shyamalan to demonstrate subtlety, much less both show respect and insult us at the same time with the reveal instead of just insulting us. The respect is that he expects us to pay close enough attention for the ending to make sense. The insult is that we didn’t, thus making the twist make no fucking sense.

  5. Shouldn’t The Devil love evil people?

  6. Santa Christ saying “I swear to god” should have been the “I swear to Christ” from Blair Witch 2. That would have been hillarious

  7. Hey! are you guys killing people in there?
    Stop that!

    Lmao lost it.

  8. HAHA Are you all trying to kill yourselves in there?


    Stop that HAHAHAHA

    Good faces XD lol

  9. They should have called the movie “Going Down”.

  10. Tony Ciccariello

    I like your DEVIL better than this one

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