Did Tom and Jerry Kill Themselves?

Yikes! Is there any truth behind this controversial final episode? Did Tom and Jerry really kill themselves?

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  1. Hey, the thumbnail appeared in the review! I had no idea 50 Shades of Grey was that popular. Then again, it has a 73% on RottenTomatoes. Hmm, I guess I’ll have to see it myself. You’ll miss the Avengers and Star Wars movies! I saw this as a kid and I just thought it was weird.

  2. Blaze The Movie Fan

    Interesting video.

  3. Running With Scissors

    I think the reason people find it dark is because they haven’t seen the rest of the episode. As a punchline to the joke, it’s pretty funny, but on its own, the image of Tom sitting alone with a devastated look on his face as he waits for a train to come is pretty dark. If this were all that was given, the ambiguity of no explanation with the grim real-life method (or deathod if you will), it would easily be much creepier. Lost episode stories are really popular nowadays; all you need to do is look up Squidward’s Suicide to figure out how a kid’s show going dark can actually really give you the creeps. In fact, I’ll use that to describe it. If this were ever a real episode, the joke would be done like this: Squidward’s concert goes terribly wrong and he puts something like a stick of dynamite in his mouth while a classic Spongebob ukulele plays, and then the episode continues. But with the story you’re given, which takes out all hints of a wink to the audience and ends abruptly, it leaves you shaking. So people are creeped out because they aren’t seeing it in context. But seeing the full episode definitely lightens everything up, and suddenly Tom’s antic becomes funny.

  4. Tom and Jerry’s joke has been done since the beginning of theater, and probably longer.
    It is a funny premise and a great punchline that is it.
    Anybody that thinks it is sad needs to grow up and get a sense of humor.

  5. Love the ending. (The editorial, not the cartoon.)

  6. If you have the time, can you please do an “Old vs. New” video for “Charlotte’s Web”, comparing the 1973 animated film with the 2006 live-action version?

  7. That same joke has been done by other comedians as well, from Buster Keaton (Hard Luck) to Burt Reynolds (The End)!

  8. They tried to commit suicide? I had no idea. Thanks for the editorial Doug.

  9. I actually saw this episode on Cartoon Network a few years back. The only thing I got confused is that I thought they were sitting on a pier looking out at the sunset. Is there a censored version like that?

  10. There is also an episode where Tom dies and is informed that he will go to hell if Jerry doesn’t fogive him. The imager of hell is quite intense, but ot on par with all Gogs Go to Heaven. The punchline of course is that Jerry is a complete dick to Tom and refuses to forgive him uand he lengths that Tom will go to in order to convince Jerry. I found the episode to be quite fun as a kid, but watchin it again as an adult, it’s kinda disturbing to see Tom getting more and more desperate.

  11. I think that what made this episode so notorious is how hard some of the episode hit too close to reality. Think about it: Tom wanted to kill himself because of a broken heart after spending all his money to impress his love. Something that hits too hard to those that suffer from depression and the pains of heartbreak. The episode with the guillotine was pretty dark but we being stereotypical Americans are used to such violence (besides, the mice in that episode tried to end on a good note after that scene when it ended with music and the Nibbles character saying “C’est la vie”). But suicide is something you can barely make fun of particularly in a cartoon.

    Now there was the “Ugly duckling” episode where the duck character wanted to kill himself throughout the episode by asking Tom to eat him. However, this didn’t hit as hard since Jerry always protected him and the duckling found someone that loved him thus got better. The Blue cat blues episode though, doesn’t end on such a humorous or lively ending. Now would they actually succeed at killing itself?

    Probably not since they survived worse

  12. I apologize in advance!

    Is Diamanda Hagan a man or a woman?

  13. Doug … please review dinousours the tv show!

  14. I remember watching this as a kid, as I was a big Tom and Jerry fan. I don’t remember being depressed by the ending. I just thought Tom and Jerry were just upset, and moping. OF course, the concept of suicide wasn’t apparent to me.

  15. What the heck? I’ve never heard of this controversy. However, just like you’re one of the only people who doesn’t like the Matrix… I don’t like Tom and Jerry so meh. That ending was funny. Diamanda’s video aren’t for me but I hope she gets more viewers who enjoy her stuff.

  16. To everyone saying people are being too sensitive and lighten up about suicide jokes- I dare you to tell that to anyone related to a suicide case. See if it works then.

    As for this, I’m with Doug, it’s fine, because the culture back then accepted it. No one was trying to shock, it’s just what people thought was funny. Hell, lots of classic cartoon characters did a joke like this- even Mickey Mouse.

    Today, we’re just more sensitive about this stuff. Which doesn’t make us wusses or mean we need to lighten up; it’s the same as blackface no longer being acceptable.

  17. First Pinky and the Brain break up, then Tom and Jerry off themselves… if this keeps up all we’ll be left with is Worker and Parasite!

  18. I remember seeing an episode where Tom gets executed via guillotine at the end. I don’t think there’s much to this.

  19. Critic From The Future

    This is why I hate clickbait websites like Cracked. They’ll hype up and over-exaggerate to no end, without actually being fully informed on a subject and by extension misinforming their entire readerbase.

  20. Not only were a few H&B episode after this, there was Gene Deitch and Sib Tower 12 (Chuck Jones) that extended it even further.

    And let’s also not forget Tom was given the death penalty in one of the Musketeer shorts an Nibbles gives a “poor M. Pussycat” before shrugging it off with “C’est le guerre.” :\ So Tom was straight up murdered once. But yeah, this one was kinda a downer story for this short.

  21. Nostalgia Critic commits suicide in his last episode.

  22. I was never quite disturbed by this episode.

    I always found “The Two Mouseketeers” and “Heavenly Puss” to be fucking disturbing.

    The former of the two features Tom being BEHEADED, depressing music playing, and even Jerry and Nibbles mourning his death . . . only for nibbles to go “Welp, that’s war!” (C’est la guerre = “That is war”, n response to brush something off). and they walk off with happy music playing. A guillotine AND mood whiplash? WTF?

    Then there’s Heavenly Puss, where the episode is Tom trying to get Jerry’s forgiveness before he can go to heaven (kinda scary on it’s own). It’s then you see all the other cats that have a ticket to haven . . . including 3 kittens who were put in a sack and DROWNED. And the gatekeeper implies that this is an often occurrence.

    Those 2 episodes terrify me even NOW! I can’t watch those episodes ever again because of those scenes.

  23. Ok, has anyone noticed that the neverending story needs to have a remake? I mean, don’t get me wrong, its a great movie. I just think is should be remade since movie production value & the definition & detail to environment has got better in the 21st century. Plus, it would be great to see fantasia improved & more in detail in higher definition.

  24. I remember this episode as a kid. I also remember my parents talking to me about it afterwords. As for them committing suicide. I doubt it.

  25. As far as cartoon violence is concerned, Tom and Jerry can’t hold a candle (or lit stick of dynamite) to Herman and Katnip.

  26. I saw this as a kid, and it never bothered me, either. I got the joke, and I never took it too literally or thought they were writing a really dark final episode of Tom and Jerry.

    For some reason, the Internet likes to imagine some really dark stuff for their children’s entertainment. If I hadn’t seen that cartoon and just came across a stupid clickbait headline, I would’ve assumed it was some bit of creepypasta that people thought was real.

    The cartoon itself isn’t even that dark. Sure, it was darker than some other Tom and Jerry cartoons, but I had seen cartoons go to some dark places before, even as a kid. I knew it was just a joke and took it as such.

  27. That ending was hilarious! And here I was contemplating dropping the NC…

  28. Fifty Shades of Grey made HOW much?! Is there any more room on that track?

  29. Wow, Tom and Jerry’s girlfriends were whores.

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