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The good, the bad, and the Quack pack. The Nostalgia Critic takes a look at Disney Afternoon!

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  1. so I guess there’s not going to be an old vs new of Mickey Mouse Club

  2. …Am I the only one that liked Might Ducks….as a guilty pleasure but still?

  3. TheDapperChangeling

    Something that just dawned on me, Gummy Bears is the 90’s MLP.
    Bright Colorful cartoon plush toys battling the evil monsters of the land, with an innocence to it, that makes it silly, but enjoyable.

  4. Interesting story, the original Mighty Ducks was influenced by Michael D. Eisner, the CEO of Disney (originally a Delta Upsilon fraternity alumni). If you flip the Mighty Ducks logo upside down it looks like the Greek DU (Δϒ). This was intentional. I wouldn’t be surprised if he had a direct say in attempted revival of the Mighty Ducks via the, albeit horrible, Quackpack creation.

  5. Gadget; AKA, cartoon goddess to furries, along the same vein as Princess Sally.

  6. The formula he mentions during the Rescue Rangers is most often referred to as “The Five Man Band” on tvtropes. There are endless examples in modern pop fiction.

  7. You’re not talking about the show Doug when Critic/Doug’s around damn it! Should have know that was a bad idea rrreeeaally.
    Also, no disney afternoon over here, but I know the shows and liked them mostyl, when I was younger…. Ok I’d still watch them if they show up xD

    uuuuh AND DuckTales. Malcolm, malcolm xD I’m actually questioning if he even survives the episode at this rate!
    Also damn I actually forgot about that…. uh… jungle book show thing. What was it’s name again?… Damn. Ah TaleSPin…. D: But it was cool, never watched much of it thoug… sad, really.

    Aaah Darkwing Duck. Great guy, really xD Good times. Should have a rern of that… nooow. Or I’ll need to look episodes up online

    Ooooh Goof Troop. I LOVE that song for this one xD The show was ok, I’d still watch it for nostalgia but maybe not the best of them all, that’s true^^

    Random CASPER!

    Bonkers… i don’t know that one… 😮 Not a big loss I suppose.

    Gargoyles…. i have only seen a handfull of episoeds of that one, but today I think it could have a lot of potential. ^^

    Aladdin. I liked Aladdin, really. Another one thats not running ANYWHERE anymore. Things liek Ducktales turn up from time to time, but those shows…
    OMG that gooofy look of Aladdin in that picture! OMG!

    Timon and Pumba! LOOOOVE THEM. SOOO MUCH! That’s all.

    Quack pack actually came over to us, but I kinda like it. Still pops up here and there, and it’s fun enough to watch. xD
    Though you are right, the three boys are just the same.

    Mighty Ducks…. heard of it, but never seen it. Not sure if it was around

    Also… that was actually your mom… Soooooo coooool xD

  8. That…was not even CLOSE to the Linkara cameo I was expecting. Just…wat.

  9. I now want to see a film noir featuring the characters from Bambi.

  10. The UK don’t even know what the Disney Afternoon was as we got it in the Mornings instead as Disney Club and Wake Up In The Wild Room ect.

  11. I couldn’t edit my post so I make another one those alias names are The Disney Afternoon in the morning instead which we did receive in the UK so we did get it but it was in a couple of different names compared to the American version.

  12. The music to the US and UK versions are te same, well at least Disney Club compared to Disney Afternoon just with the lyrics missing which in my opinion is a better version anyway as with lyrics it’s too cheesy plus the lyrics tone down the decent guitar work in the almost end bit.


  13. Gummi Bears and Wuzzles in 1995 were their joint first television productions as both came out on the same day as a block I beleive.

  14. Aladdin and Jasmine did techniqulely get married in 3 days.

    1st Day: Aladdin
    2nd Day “First 12 hours of day 2”: Return Of Jafar aka Aladdin 2
    2nd Day “Next 12 hours of day 2”: Aladdin The Series aka Aladdin 2 1/2
    3rd Day: The King Of Theives “Their wedding day”

  15. Ah yes TV executives trying to be cool always ends well.

  16. Doug should have mentioned the full names of some of the characters:

    The duke from Gummi Bears is called Duke Igthorn.

    The full names of Kit and Rebecca from TaleSpin are Kit Cloudkicker and Rebecca Cunningham.

    “Cloudkicker” is such a cool last name, how could he not mention it?

  17. I like the realization that we are still all children in some way

  18. I’m looking at this lineup and thinking to myself, “Yeah, this and the Warner Brothers’ cartoons are the reason so many ’90s kids are into anthropomorphic animals: we were inundated with them, and all the best shows featured them, thus cementing them (and by association, human-like animals in general) as very cool and enjoyable things.”

    Bonkers drove me nuts. I’d always change the channel or just turn the TV off when it came on. Seriously, turn the TV OFF on a weekday? It had to be BAAAAD to get a kid to willingly turn the TV off, dude. It wasn’t funny, it was obnoxious. Ugh. I also didn’t like TaleSpin because screw boring plane scenes. Animaniacs came on opposite it on Fox at the time, so there was no contest.

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