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The Nostalgia Critic looks at one of the worst, if not worst video game movies ever! Double Dragon!

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  1. Never heard of this movie or the game until seeing this video. I always love it when movies or TV shows label the location as “somewhere in…” Also love it when the “future year” in movies or TV shows come and go in real life and are nothing like in the movie or TV show. The Critic’s moving wanted poster for “quacking in public” was hilarious!

    Top 3 funniest Critic comments are:

    …where they worship the yogurt statue from Spaceballs.

    He’s joined by two Mexican bellhops and Dominatrix Barbie.

    Did the music just belch?

  2. Frodo wrote LOTR as Bilbo wrote Hobbit. So it’s perfectly logical for them to read their own books.

  3. Mortal Kombat & Mario Bros. movies were great
    This movie is not Double Dragons
    I like this villain at least

  4. although out of an estranged obligation, I kind of have to side with the movie on this one. mostly because, my stunt-team boss helped out on the choreography coordination for this film. but as “not easy to swallow” as it is,.. I have to agree that while harsh as the critic was on this,.. it’s not entirely unjustified. it is pretty poorly made, and over all, not an easy film to get into (out of retrospect).
    I will admit, a lot of the stunts were pretty cool, but some might have been haphazard, mostly because the main stunt coordinator (not my stunt-team boss) was busy with this film and a court suit of another.
    I don’t know how many people know this, but while this movie was getting filmed, “The Crow” was just about done on it’s filming. however the filming hit a snag on account of the tragic death of Brandon Lee (hence the court case). so the main coordinator was racing from one place to another to get everything squared & settled.
    it was quite the fuster-cluck at that time, but despite that, the stunts were still pretty cool.
    even though the film, as a whole,.. was kinda not. I stand with the film on the stunts and some of the acting, alone. however, on everything else,.. yeah, gotta agree with the critic.

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