Double Team – Nostalgia Critic

The Nostalgia Critic reviews the Dennis Rodman and Van Damme action movie Double Team.

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  1. Frying the coke, one of the best memes!

  2. This is a fun movie
    I like VanDam he is a good actor
    What makes you think that all what he says is basketball puns
    Cyber Monks are awesome
    This was a cool ending
    The movie had to have a part where it says no Tiger were hurt during this production

    • It would have been better if this movie had a part where it said: “One tiger was deliciously barbecued to a crisp for you viewing pleasure during the making of this movie.”


  3. I must have a filthy mind. I was thinking something completely differnt when I read “Double Team”. 😛

  4. HAHAHAHA. “I pay my tits”. Brilliant!

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