Did Seinfeld Lie to Us?

What’s this all REALLY about? Is Seinfeld really about nothing?

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  1. I think the reason Seinfeld caught on was because it was like an antitheses of all the popular sitcoms on the air at the time.

    The show was not family-friendly but wasn’t incredibly raunchy, none of the main characters are married or have children (Ya gotta have a BAAAAAY-BEEEE), they have very vague identities, their character traits aren’t terribly cliched, because they don’t have children, the problems they encounter don’t have to fall into the same family-friendly sitcom hi-jinx category and most important of all, the show follows a very strict “No hugging, no learning” rule.

    None of the characters learn from their callous, shallow behavior. They never develop or sympathize with anyone else, even among themselves. They also avoid “The Golden Moment” trope like the plague

    (Golden Moment: the quintessential part in any family sitcom.
    i.e: “Gee parental figure, I really screwed this up, didn’t I”
    “No spawn, you didn’t screw up. You just (blah blah fatherly wisdom or maternal guidance speech)”
    “You’re right parental figure. I’ll just be myself”
    “That’s my seed”
    *Cue the “aaaawwwww” from the audience*)

  2. I think you missed the point, this tv show is really about nothing because those little things aren’t important to live.

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