Does Romeo and Juliet Suck?

Is the greatest love story of all time a big load? Does Romeo and Juliet really suck?

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  1. personally speaking,
    I think that question holds a different answer in a split perspective interpretation.
    Romeo & Juliet is at core, an emotionally driven story. the actions & reactions throughout the story
    are brash, irrational, and made on the spot, & seized in the moment.
    in the sense of the story, and metaphorical understandings, is it good? well, yeah, I can dig it.
    in the sense of the literal aspects of inspirational surreality & applying to real life persuasion, is it good?
    … Fuck no, not even a slightly little. only an idiot would say otherwise.

    it’s like the Saturday morning cartoons. you see Buggs Bunny give a cigar with a fire cracker in it to someone & when they smoke it & it explodes in their face, a few seconds later, he hits them in the head with a baseball bat.
    Is it good for a few laughs? yeah, sure. why not.
    would you do that to someone in real life? Hell freakin’ no.

    in the end, you just gotta know the difference between fiction & reality.
    and the difference between the products of fiction, & reality.
    otherwise,.. well, you’ve seen the news…

  2. Romeo and Juliet were never supposed to be “in love.” That is not the tragedy. We know right off the bat that Romeo is a mopey hopeless romantic who falls for women hard. We also know Juliet is feeling trapped and doesn’t want to marry to the older man her mother is pushing on her. Even Friar Lawrence ridicules Romeo’s actions and the absurdity of the relationship.

    Plus, the entire first half of the show is a bawdy comedy with dick joke after dick joke.

  3. Personally, I’ve always thought Shakespeare was overrated. I just think he gets so much credit for his style of writing (which I will agree is brilliant) that it overshadows the fact the story he tells isn’t immensely interesting. I am by no means saying his stories were bad or that Shakespeare was a bad writer, but he’s held up as some literary god among men when I believe there are much better writers. His style of writing, however, is probably unparalleled.

  4. There is no love at first sight there is horny at first sight

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