Drew Struzan Tribute

The Nostalgia Critic takes a look at the work of the great Drew Struzan in this Tribute.

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  1. They are cool posters

  2. First time i see this and could not agree more.
    He mentioned him 1c in one of his fuck up videos if im not mistaken but…

    damn… look at that ART…
    he was born to do this 🙂

  3. I bet you are big enough now that you could pay to get him to make something for you.

  4. I really enjoyed this video. I’d like to suggest that you do a Top 11 movie posters video, Doug. I am an avid collector, and I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts on the best one-sheets ever and why you think they’re so iconic and perfect.

    PS: One note of correction – Struzen didn’t do that ’82 Raiders re-release poster. Richard Amsel did both that one and the original one-sheet from ’81. 😉

  5. *Struzan Ugh…here I am correcting you and I misspell the guy’s name…and then discover to my horror that you can’t edit comments here. lol

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