Is Parody Dead?

What happened to all the great spoof movies? Is the parody genre really dead?

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  1. I wish there was a good spoof film again

  2. Ya I agree with this completely. I tried watching a recent spoof movie. Epic Movie, Or one of them. Anyway I was disgusted. I was born in 80 and saw spaceballs in the theater. It’s like these new movies are one punchline after punchline with no set up and not having thier own story. Spaceballs Airplane and older satires had there own stories and made thier own characters. New movies miss that big time. It’s quit disgusting actually.

  3. wish CollegeHumor would once again be as funny as it used to be

  4. I’m convinced that the Scary Movie films led to these bad spoof films like Disaster Movie

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