Is Twilight the WORST Thing Ever?

Don’t act like it hasn’t crossed your mind… Is Twilight really the worst thing ever?

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  1. What about War heroes being the Idol? Check Pilsudski

  2. The books do a much better representation of the story I feel personally. Kristen Stewart like you said hardly ever smiles and doesn’t show much emotion. The character Bella in the books is constantly narrating the book and telling you, the reader, her emotions. It’s shown through the writing, and the film doesn’t really represent the books that well because of the characters. Eclipse, the third book, wasn’t that great though.

  3. The truth about Twilight movies is that they are the WORST SHIT EVER FUCK THEM LOBOTOMY THEM the people are terrible the story is crap the acting is horrendous
    Emos and Goths say to them you are insulting go die

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