The Looney Tunes Show – Good or Bad?

Is Warner Bros. latest revision of our timeless characters hit or miss? Is the new Looney Tunes Show any good?

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  1. I didn’t know that was Kristin Wigg… Lola had me laughing instantly when I first accidently turned the show on…

  2. Weird enough, I had no idea people didn’t like this. I mean it’s in a real world showing the looney tunes lives, sure that’s not as funny as their older cartoons.

    But it takes a spin as making something fun out of the small things in life. I know I’ve seen plenty bad drivers on the road, but knowing lola or daffy is behind the wheel makes me laugh somewhat; because it’s true, that there are bad drivers that pass easier than the good ones, but in a way it’s as crazy as a cartoon.

    It’s a pity the show is gone now, I enjoyed watching it a lot, it felt like that Cartoon Network universe during 2004 – 2006 that showed the cartoons life in reality. An innocent slice of life with some goofy moments, which at the end of the day; makes life worth living.

    That and speedy watching a romantic drama on days off always makes me smile. :p

  3. I personally think this show is AWFUL! It’s not being it’s different from the old Looney Tunes shorts, but of other things. In my opinion, almost all of the jokes are terrible. Very few of them work and even when they do they’re not on pare with the original Looney Tunes. Along with that, none of the characters are true to themselves. I personally think they were true to themselves in Space Jam, despite unpopular opinion. Yes, there are some bad jokes in Space Jam but there are a fair amount of good ones in my opinion.

    As for the characters, Bugs is no longer a jokester but is more of a whiny everyday Joe. That’s not who Bugs was. I understand that it would be boring to see a character always win so easily, but Bugs in this show so rarely wins and whenever he does it usually backfires on him. They sucked out all the charm and cleverness of his character and made him so bland and boring. The original Bugs would never take any of the crap this one gets lying down. He whines, actually wanted to go back to jail, doesn’t make clever comments like the old Bugs did, and feels like a different character. He’s basically Chandler from Friends without any of the charm, sarcasm, and entertaining moments. This makes sense since Daffy is basically Joey from Friends (also a mixture of Peter Griffith from Family Guy).

    I suppose the next Looney Tune I should talk about is Daffy. I know Daffy is a jerk but he was also wacky and silly enough to make it charming. This Daffy is just a lazy, idiotic, jerk! The old Daffy wasn’t always that bright but he wasn’t stupid and had some clever moments. He actually thinks Opera was the first President of the United States. REALLY? That’s not Looney, that’s just stupid! Making a character stupid doesn’t make them funny, a lot of the times they just come across as annoying. He doesn’t act like the real Daffy and acts more like Peter Griffith from Family Guy. He accuses people of stealing his newspaper and he doesn’t even go about it the way the old Daffy would. I mean, he would get dressed up like a policeman or a spy to try to sneak into peoples houses or something. They didn’t have him react the way he would, that is, if Daffy actually would get mad about something so stupid like that. He acts like a complete prima-donna but doesn’t go all out in an over-the-top way like the old Daffy did. he doesn’t get loud and crazy like he used to. This is actually very curious because now Bugs is the one who gets mad quite often and is a lot more negative, while this Daffy is a lot more calm and quite. That seems really mixed up! They’re making them and their relationship the total opposite of what it was. Daffy even says “What’s up doc?” A LOT more than Bugs does. Bugs says it like once and that’s it.

    Then we’ve got the character who was destroyed in this show the most, Lola. Despite what many people say, Lola does have a personality, though not a very well-developed one because of her lack of screentime. She’s smart, kind, strong, confident, independent, brave, feisty, tough, sweet, caring, athletic, badass, sassy, fun, witty, self-reliant, competent, comfortable in her own skin, determined, a no nonsense person, and a feminine tomboy (something that’s rare because most tomboys write off anything feminine as weak). I think people just don’t think her type of personality is what suits a Looney Tune because it’s not wacky and she has more of a personality of a Disney Princess. So what? If all Looney Tunes had the same type of personality they wouldn’t be unique. As for not being wacky, not all of the Looney Tunes are that wacky. Such as Porky Pig, Tweety, Granny, Penelope Pussycat (the cat that Pepe always chases), etc. As for her being sexualized, she’s not nearly as sexualized as Jessica Rabbit. Yes, I know Jessica is a human but either way she still looks ridiculously sexualized. Plus she is married to and having sex with a rabbit and doesn’t have any wacky moments either, and yet you like her and not Lola? Talk about double-standards! Lola is an anthropomorphic animal and this is how females of that character style are designed. The characters do want to have sex with Lola but the characters who want to do that are at least animals, as opposed to Jessica who is with a freaking rabbit. Jessica was probably the world’s first furry.

    But as for this version of Lola, it’s absolutely INSULTING! They took a character (who admittedly wasn’t very well-developed) that was smart, competent, independent, and was made to be a good role model and turned her into a man-obsessed bimbo that NEVER SHUTS UP! They said they did that in order to make her funny and give her more personality but that’s just sexist. They’re basically saying a character can’t be funny and have a personality while still being smart and competent. This is horrible character writing. Listen Doug, good character writing when you’re trying to improve a character that already exists is keeping the personality they already have and just expanding upon it to give them more layers and depth, not making them the polar opposite of what they are in order to be what the writer considers “entertaining.” This is like bad fanfiction writing! If they wanted to make her funny than they probably should have written her more like Babs Bunny from Tiny Toons, not basically make her Lena Hyena from Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Her personality was basically Babs bunny’s, except for the being a no nonsense person and not as egocentric. Plus check out the Looney Tunes comics with Lola Bunny in her own stories because she has her original personality but is also like a real Looney Tune. She’s sarcastic, clever, and gets into crazy situations like Bugs does. But this version is completely insulting and annoying as hell!

    Porky Pig is a bigger whimpy nerd than he was before, Taz is a freaking pet dog, Witch Hazel is voiced by a sassy black woman, Gossamer is a little kid (and Witch Hazel is his mother), and Yosemite Sam is just a grumpy neighbor and nothing more than that. Plus I absolutely DESPISE the designs! They’re HORRIBLE! Plus the voice acting, while not bad, doesn’t really sound like the Looney Tunes but more like fans trying to do impressions of them.

    The only enjoyable part of the is Tina Russo. She’s basically a tougher, more streetsmart, and more cynical version of the old Lola (and yet you say she has a distinct personality, despite basically having the old Lola’s personality and also not being wacky). She’s become one of my favorite Looney Tunes and I hope she becomes a more prominent character in the franchise, even though this show has been cancelled. But even she’s not enough to save the show.

    It’s not one of the worst shows I’ve ever seen but it’s definitely the worst Looney Tunes product EVER! It fails to try anything new because he just does a bunch of sitcom cliches and fails even more at capturing the spirit of the Looney Tunes. Just my personal opinion.

  4. my main problem for a while was that lola was the token dumb blonde. for a while i hated her so much, but after watching it enough i learned to just accept it. wish it was still on.

  5. Here is my thoughts on the whole Lola Bunny thing with the whole old vs new! I will admit to being involved in that, until I found out about a third version of Lola that is BY FAR the best version of the three that leaves the other two in the dust! That version is the DC Looney Tunes comic book version of Lola. That version of Lola has all the good qualities of the other two versions and none of the things people criticize. She’s still strong, smart, competent, sassy. and independent like the Space Jam version with a no-nonsense attitude (as far as with how others act) but is still comedic, silly, looney, and can work off of the other characters. She’s basically like a combination of Babs Bunny from Tiny Toons and Tina Russo from the new Looney Tunes Show. If you guys haven’t read the Lola Bunny comics, I HIGHLY recommend them! With the Space Jam and new Looney Tunes Show versions, I think they’re in the same boat as the 1950 and 2015 versions of Disney’s Cinderella when the Nostalgia Critic did his old vs new. By that I mean that people are gonna like the version they like but the third option people don’t think about (In that case Ever After and in this case the comic book version of Lola) is by far the best version because that third option is the perfect balance of both options.

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