Was Batman Season 4 Hit or Miss? – Nostalgia Critic Editorial

What’s are the Nostalgia Critic’s thoughts on that controversial Season 4 of the Animated Series?

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  1. Very interesting, it’s nice to see a thoughtful examination of the later Batman episodes especially pointing out how the later season had its ups and downs.

    By the way, does anyone know what the music played during the review is called? I can’t seem to find it anywhere…

  2. I think they left the Joker off the redesigns because the show runners didn’t like it that much. And didn’t the next redesign for Joker premiere in Justice League before the Batman Beyond film?

  3. In my opinion Croc suffered. Yeah he looks more like a crocodile but compared to the old design he just looks really generic, same with his new voice. While I forgot what S4 Mad Hatter looked like, I’d say it’s a downgrade. And with the Ventriloquist if you look at the two designs side-by-side it’d be hard to tell it’s the same guy. Also his head looks like Peter Griffin’s if it were a cylinder. What blew my mind about Mr Freeze was that redesigned he isn’t wearing his goggles. His eyes are colored like the goggles. Weird ain’t it? With the Scarecrow, my only complaint is, is Jonathan Crane that built now? Did he just keep skipping leg day in Arkham? I mean look at him, he’s fucking ripped!

    • Also Catwoman’s redesign is stupid. Even as a kid I realized that being all black blended her into the background a lot. Same for Nightwing. She also had her hair changed from long blonde to short black? Why? Is… is it to hide? Bitch, everyone knows your secret identity already!

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