Why is Arthur Christmas a Masterpiece?

THIS film? Really? Is Arthur’s Christmas a masterpiece?

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  1. I am definetely going to check this movie out critic 😀

    • Me too. I love 3D animated movies and, even though I overlooked this one as hell when it came out, it sure looks good after this editorial.

      BTW, Merry Christmas y’all!!

  2. Took me a while to see this one but it is a great christmas movie. There’s a lot to love in it but I dare not say what for fear of spoiling anything, except this, I love the opening “splinter celves” sequence.

  3. Jacqueline McNab

    I saw this movie in theaters and loved it. Now its one of my favourite movies to watch every Christmas.

  4. Not entirely sure if N.C. will see this, but after seeing watching this review two years ago I checked out the movie. Fast forward to present day it’s a Christmas staple for not only me but my whole family. I love introducing it to my friends and watching them light up when they watch it. Long story short, thanks for the recommendation and all the subsequent happy holiday memories its given me.

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