Why Lie About Santa?

Kinds friggin’ cruel, isn’t it? Why do we lie to our kids about Santa?

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  1. Another way of looking at it is that the Santa Lie teaches the spirit of the season in a way that’s not overbearing (*cough* religions *cough cough*) and the discovery that it isn’t true is sort of like all those stories where the main character(s) discover that they had what they needed all along; they realize that they had the spirit of the holidays even while believing in a lie, and they can continue to perpetuate that spirit after discovering that it was, in fact, a lie.

  2. Y’know I honestly cannot remember the transition from believing in Santa to not. I’m one of those kids who pretty much figured it out on my own without needing to be explicitly told, but to be perfectly honest, I’m not sure I ever truly believed in the first place. I was aware of what fictional stories were and I pretty much treated Santa the same way as any other story. Perhaps I was a bit too rational for my own good lol.

    I think the answer to the title question is really, on a fundamental level, the same for nearly all works of fiction. They are all essentially mental training exercises. We lie about Santa in the first place to teach about all the things that make Christmas wonderful, then later reveal the truth (or allow them to arrive at the truth on their own) to develop their ability to cope with the truth and even to train their critical thinking skills. Nearly all works of fiction train some aspect of our minds. Why do we watch tragedies? It almost seems sadomasochistic, but it serves an important role in teaching us how to deal with sad emotions in a relatively consequence-free environment. It serves as a practice run for the real thing. This is honestly pretty much what Doug said, I’m just rehashing it.

  3. I love the song they used in the background! Does anybody know the name of it? I am calling it “The Hyper Fan Girl Theme” Yes this song was used way before the introduction of Hyper Fan Girl, but to me, when they used it in a couple of episodes with her in it (famously in A Christmas Story 2), I can’t help but think of her when I hear it. The character who was so obsessed with the Critic to the point she would go to extreme measures just to be with him, but also has a side of her that she can’t help it but still cares. As soon as I hear this song, you just feel great and touch and feel bad for her character. Especially when you hear it alot in the “Christmas Story 2” movie which was a very touching way to end her story arc 🙂

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