End of Days – Nostalgia Critic

End of Days is reviewed.. But will it be the end of the Nostalgia Critic? Watch to find out!

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  1. Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!

  2. 9+9+9=27, not 21. Subtract 1 and get 26, and convert them (3 1 26) to the corresponding letters of the alphabet, and what does that spell? CAZ! Caz?

    I looked up caz, and found some definitions on urban dictionary. The first on is, “A crazy, but very nice person.” That doesn’t seem to apply here.

    But the 4th definition is, “A person who refuses to get sucked into the superficial, MTV party lifestyle that his constituents tend to pursue. He lives his own life, ignorant of passing trends and other pseudo-cultural phenomenon.” or “someone who lives outside of the world around him that has become over-saturated with falsehoods spewed out by the media.” That definitely fits here.

  3. This is the time where the end comes so he dose not need to be subtle
    No time to chew
    Why censor its your site and its not that big of a deal so why censor her?
    The Church protects her from his sight
    He is a fallen angel cos god made him to rebel

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