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Let Nicolas Cage Month begin! The Nostalgia Critic reviews the 1997 Cage/Travolta switcheroo flick – Face/Off.

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  1. Honestly, the change-over works better this way, IMO. It acknowledges in-video (aka, people in the future know why it happened) why the change happens, and it doesn’t make Tamara just “Rachel with a new face”.

  2. awesome that Cage + Travolta duo was made and that they had to exchange personalities 🙂

    anyway, sad but hopefull to hear devilchild Teitz went away(hopefull her openings went succesfull). She had great work done with her facial expressions, she would be good playing a maniac, a cheerful sidekick, a family-person-guru, but unfortunately also as a comedic relief, which i hope hollywood won’t abuse to the point she will feel hurt.

  3. Couldn’t he restore the files with Rachel’s farewell video? It’s not like he formatted his hard drive.

    • I suspect that the lost of the files were a lot more complicated than as depicted in the video. IIRC when it happened it was due to something more complex, like a hard-drive failure/crash or something.

      Or maybe something along the lines of deleting the files but irrecoverably, assuming he has a program on his computer that “smartly” deletes the files by overwriting the allocated space with nonsense. (Computers don’t delete files they simply allocate the space the files was in for use.) So if he deleted the files and then saved something they could have been over-written. (Computers save files front-forwards. So it would have came across the “empty” space (where the goodbye video was) before come across true empty space (where nothing has been written on the hard drive yet.)

      There’s plenty of ways he could have deleted the files in a way to not be able to recover them and, again, there’s equipment failure.

  4. Man, this review seems awfully different once you’ve seen that sketch reenactment using Doug’s dad instead of Rachel…

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