Ferngully 2: The Magical Rescue – Nostalgia Critic

The Nostalgia Critic reviews the Ferngully sequel, Ferngully 2 – The Magical Rescue.

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  1. Ah I remember the late sequel-month 😀 Good times…

    Good times… I liked the first one for the nostalgia and well.. the nature backgrounds are nice.

    But this movie, nope not even a single ounce of myself likes this.

    Weird how ferngully was average yet the Tinkerbell series is pretty much the same. Ah well maybe it’s the Disney Touch (copyrighted isn’t it? ) :3

  2. I watched the two Ferngully movies as a kid, so it’s nice watching you review them to show me just how messed up my childhood was. Thanks, Critic! 😀

  3. Yes this is not as good as the first and the first was only a little good
    Trees are good they give us air
    She grown the other trees quickly cause she don it on healthy soil cause it was not damaged
    There are no fairy’s in our world
    They haw no wings cause they didn’t had much money to make this movie
    You haw no understatement
    I agree the people here are stupid
    There act with the pants is a clown act so get your mind out of the gutter

    • HermioneHotpants

      “There are no fairy’s in our world”…. Wow, your analysis is so full of wisdom. Really? There are no fairies in our world? If you hadn’t told me I would have never known.

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