Nostalgia Critic: F**king Love Christmas Music Video

The music video from the Nostalgia Critic’s Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer review.

If you have issues with flashing lights please do not watch this video or To Skip Past the flashing lights portion click here

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  1. I’m filled with Christmas semen. I don’t know what it is but it’s hot.

    Destined to be a classic carol line.

  2. This is truly the next Jingle Bells

  3. RedMilleniumRanger

    Does anyone agree that it should have been Santa Christ on guitar instead of Jesus?

    • That or have Santa Christ on drums or bass and Mr Zebub on the other instrument. I could see this being a great band XD

    • That would take away from an actually Christmas song in my opinion though. Since Santa Christ is a creation of the Critic you would have to know the site to get it. While if you just go with Jesus then it’s a christmas song that doesn’t require you to know about the Critic at all to enjoy.

    • Rob always plays Santa Christ, though, and I like that they got the person who actually wrote the song to be in the video.

  4. I can’t seem to stop playing this song.

  5. It’s like Snowflame’s Christmas themed brother.

  6. I think this one Topped “DEVIL BONER!!!!”

  7. This video was fun, but I think you should put a seizure warning at the beginning for anybody who may suffer from epilepsy.

  8. Your parents must be very proud. You have the greatest Christmas tree humping skills I have ever seen.

  9. He’s like Devil Boner but with more Christmas…A sort of Christmas Boner if you will.

  10. Malcolm and Tamara delivered there lines really well after the critic got shot with the dart.

  11. Perhaps Santa Christ aligned himself with Satan this year. Those two were cozy in a few videos.
    Also is it me or dose the subdued Christmas Critic remind anyone else of the character of AskThatGuyWithTheGlasses? I wonder ATGWTG’s body and soul were used to make that drug that is in the Chill Pill Patch???? As a medical worker I can’t help but you that dark humor and will miss that always with wings.

    Lastly Rob? I know Doug does not read the comments but you do sometimes. I am hopping you guys look into a new Lifetime Christmas movie???? I know what you are thinking ” We don’t review tv movies especially Lifetime.” However hear me out please good sir.
    The movie is called Wishin’ and Hopin’. Basically to be fair it has a theme very similar to A Christmas Story. In fact most would disregard it as a rip off. However if a movie with a Russian girl punching a nun, a decapitated baby Jesus, and Meatloaf as a Catholic priest does not even peak your interest, then you must have something that died inside. PS I thought it was even better than A Christmas Story. I just don’t know if that’s in a good or bad way yet.

    • ‘Wishin’ and Hopin”? Sounds like a movie Mike J, Lupa or the Cinema Snob would review. I know Brad has reviewed a few Meatloaf movies so he’s probably the first one you should mention it to.

  12. Cool
    Christmas is wonderful

  13. I would like to petition on making this song an actual Christmas Carol because it is that AWESOME! Whose with me?!

  14. Next Christmas, have this song in the background instead of Sinatra. And celebrate at the end with a remix.

  15. Mr. Walker,
    I’m sorry, but I didn’t particularly care for this one. Maybe it’s because I don’t care for this type of music, but it just seemed like several minutes of violent yelling and noise that mostly just ran together without being particularly funny. While I did find the rock n roll Jesus humorous, I thought your “Holiday Clusterfuck” song from five years ago was a lot funnier because it seemed to have much more satirical thought put into it (that and it was a lot of easier to understand the lyrics). Please know that I still love your work and I look forward to your next video.

    Merry Christmas,
    Connor Miers

  16. found the exact same wig in Big W here in Australia

  17. OK, so we have Devil Boner and his brother, Christmas Boner. I know that’s not the official name for that get-up, but… Can it be? And is this a series of characters? If so, WOOHOO! If not… Make it so. Pretty please?! Because Doug acting fucking insane is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen! His facial expressions when hamming it up are gold, and good GOD his eyes are scary when looking up like that, especially at the end when he’s cornering Malcolm and Tamara! *Shivers*

  18. Thank you for noting the flashing lights. I wish this courtesy was more widespread!

  19. Nostalgia Goddess

    Did Jesus just throw up devil horns?

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