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The worst animated movie…EVER! Join the Nostalgia Critic as he reviews 2012’s Foodfight!

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  1. IMDb has since revised the budget to a more modest figure, and I know high-quality 3D animation requires a much bigger budget than that. Heck, “Tangled” is the third most expensive movie ever made. That said…

    This year, my niece got one of those generic straight-to-DVD “Barbie” movies from the bargain bin at Best Buy and popped it in. It was (bleep)ing Pixar compared to this steaming pile of garbage, and there’s no way Mattel spent more than a million on it.

    Yeah…forget the Blair Witch Project…someone’s walking around with $41.995 million in their pocket.

    • IMDb also lists General X as Jerry Stiller, not Tim Curry.

      • FrequentNewt45

        It wasn’t actually Tim Curry, I’m assuming Critic was just joking about that, but the voice actor was definitely doing a Tim Curry impression.

      • FrequentNewt45

        And it was Jeff Bennett who voiced the Tim Curry-sounding character, not Jerry Stiller. He voiced a different character in the movie.

        • Yeah, I don’t know if it’s something to celebrate (as I imagine most of the folks who were involved in this movie won’t be putting it on their resumes), but I’m glad someone else noticed because, much like Jim Cummings, Jeff Bennett has done some excellent voice acting work and is really good with impressions.

          On “Animaniacs” he has done impressions of Dennis Hopper and Chris Walken, for Johnny Bravo he gave him the damn funniest Elvis voice in recent history, and recently on “Teen Titans Go!” he did a Ben Stein voice so spot-on I couldn’t tell if it was the real thing.
          It’s just a real shame his Tim Curry voice was wasted on this crappy movie…

  2. Huh. Did not expect that to start with a Batman Returns homage.

  3. I’m guessing that the reason the rat is called “Fat Cat Burglar” is not because *he’s* a cat, but because he’s a literal cat burglar (he’s stealing a basket of cats), and he’s fat. So it’s more like “Fat, Cat Burglar.” It’s a shitty pun that a three-year old would come up with.

  4. I would love to see you do a commentary on Food Fight. This movie is actually just awful, but I will say that it’s still pretty hilarious to sit down and just look at how much of a train-wreck it truly is by watching it. I sat down with a group of friends, and watched this atrocity, and while it was torturous, it was also pretty damn funny not due to any of the jokes that the movie tries to make, but because this movie’s existence is just a joke.

  5. I have a number of questions and things about this…let’s call it a “movie” for the sake of simplicity.

    But the most pressing one is this: which is worse: this, or garbage pail kids?

  6. I just realized that the Horny-Furry-S&M-Catfight-Boxing-Fan Fiction Forum is a shopped version of the Baka-Tsuki forums, a site for translating light novels.

  7. ->1:25 Doug, I would have said that you throw like a little girl – but I’ve seen a friend’s daughter at a softball match recently and that would be an insult to her…

  8. This 2004 movie came out 10 years late and became 10 years out of date in 2014 in an instant by the looks of things.

  9. if it makes you feel better, i think it only made like 73k.

  10. This wasn’t a review, this was a Public Service Announcement! Mankind should know this horror exists so they can avoid it at all costs!

  11. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! OH!!!! This, I assure you, Critic, is NOT the worst animated film you’ve ever seeen! Wanna see the true worst? Watch Video Brinquedo’s “Ratatoing” the whole way through… if you’re up for it (I truly don’t blame you if you don’t, though, so the decision is entirely up to you. I’m gonna be doing one on my channel once I have the script written out, but you don’t have to.)! I would fucking LOOOOOVE to see it! Also, I know this is a little late, but I think I’m still gonna give you my cover art anyways just for fun. I wish absolutely the best of luck to you if you ARE reviewing this. Sayo, Tomodachi!

  12. “Remember me, Eddie! When I killed your brother I TALKED JUST LIKE THIS!”

  13. Minion of Yahtzee

    You poor bastard. You sat through two animated titanic movies. That was enough, you sat through Felix the Cat, and that was enough, you endured The Cat in the Hat and that was more then enough, you survived Son of the Mask and that would have been enough, YOU SURVIVED THE CHRISTMAS TREE AND THAT GOOD SIR WAS FAR MORE THEN ENOUGH! But this Critic, you are a true hero. Very few bad movies can top this but I am more then sure you can find one. Where there is the internet, there is a way.

  14. Nice Robotnik impression after launching missiles!

  15. 17:23 – you did WHAT? >=(

  16. For those that didn’t get the reference in the beginning it’s a near carbon copy of the Selena Transforms scene from Batman Returns.

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