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Chuck Norris turns into a bear. ‘Nuff said. Does the Chuck Norris meme come back in this review of Forest Warrior?

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  1. Is there really no behind the scenes for this episode, or am I going mental?

  2. I’d been lurking for years, but I had to finally make an account just to commend the mockery of Chuck Norris’ homophobia. That ignorant dick does not deserve the worship and praise he receives.

    • I love the left! They scream for you to be tolerant and as soon as you dare to disagree with them, they scream at you for doing so. But what do you expect from the champions of sodomy? lol 😛

      • Dude, hate gay people all you want, but if you’re a dick, we have the right to call you a dick. Tolerance or no tolerance, you’re still a dick, and we’re going to say something.

        And “champions of sodomy”? Seriously? I have no words for the amount of crazy packed into this one phrase…

        • Norris is right, because gays ring sexuality into the play, which as removed by removing girls from the same squads. bringing gay to boy scouts is like bringing girls to it. yes i know homophobia is pathology, but is irrelevant to the fact, the boy scouts will be more distracted than productive.

          Also calling someone “champion of sodomy” is not ill-grounded, because it refers to 2 bilbical city-states that had recognised and exercised sexual/gender frivolity in every way imaginable. If anything, people of the left should feel honored by being called that, as it is their goal to make white countries (yes, no other countries in the world have such movements) in the image of Sodom and Gomorrah

          too bad this review purposed to make jokes and fun, came out as simplistic mocking attack on Norris

      • What moronic logic is that? “Disagreeing” with homophobia and being a homophobe are not on the same level. Why? Well, for one thing homophobia is hurting others, discrimination of an entire group of people just because they’re slightly different (and through no fault of their own) is inherently bad and morally wrong, and it’s not a biological trait that you have no control over. No one is born a bigot, and if you are a bigot you can still change (and should, see points 1 and 2).
        If you think that accepting homophobia and discrimination is “tolerance” then you need to read more about what exactly “tolerance” is.

  3. Chuck Norris is a horrible, horrible human being.

    That said, it is entertaining to see him in action.

  4. Would you like to see James Earl Jones being a douchebag? Watch “Best of the best”… That’ll teach your kid not to go into a coma!!!!

  5. isn’t grate how a guy we all loved for years holds a opinion different than some internet people and then the people who preach understanding and tolerance are intolerant of said person with a different opinion and makes him out to be the devil incarnate…oh internet, your hypocrisy is so whimsical.

      • So just because we used to love him means we can’t acknowledge he’s kind of a dick now? I can get not liking gay people, but he actively went on record to say that gay people should be banned from the Boy Scouts. There’s not liking something, and then there’s actively going on record to say, “well you like the same gender? Well then, fuck you! You should have your job taken away!” That’s being a dick, no matter how you try to spin it.

    • I love the “you’re intolerant of my intolerance” argument, which attempts to frame the oppressors as the victims of the oppressed. It’s the ultimate in poor logic and ethics used by those who champion things such as homophobia, racism and general prejudice. I’m “intolerant” of that “different opinion” because it has resulted in many innocent people losing their jobs, being ridiculed and even being the target of violence.

      And I didn’t know that disagreeing with someone’s opinion and mocking it was the ultimate in oppression. That’s interesting.

      • i never said it was the ultimate in oppression, i said it was hypocritical, there is a difference.

        i don’t agree to homosexuality (being an orthodox christian) but i don’t hate them or actively go about punching them in faces. i also acknowledge the fact that you hold a different opinion on the matter and believe you have the right to do so as you have seen the same logic and reasoning as i have and simply came to a different conclusion.

        i particularly like (note the sarcasm) you holding an opinion and saying anyone who has an opposing viewpoint has poor ethics. that is the equivalent of saying “i believe chocolate ice-cream is the best and anyone who disagrees is prejudice and should be shamed”….now that is what i call interesting.

        • where did you get that from what they said? they said that being “intolerant of intolerance” is what has poor ethics. so it’s like, to take from your analogy, it’s like saying “I don’t like people who try and hurt or say potentially harmful things about or to people who don’t like chocolate ice-cream.”

          there’s a big difference between stating an opinion on the internet, and going out in public and saying a certain group of people should be banned from something.

        • How the hell can you compare a group of people suffering through prejudice to ice cream? In what universe are people who dislike ice cream and people who support bigotry and discrimination comparable?
          This “logic” is so flawed I can’t even begin to comprehend it.

  6. I like that part of the review where Critic accused Chuck Norris in pedofilia.

    • He didn’t, first of all. Second of all, it’s spelled pedophilia*. Thirdly, and I really shouldn’t have to say this at all, this is comedy. That segment made me laugh, so it was successful comedy.

      You’re stupid.

  7. Besides the whole Gay rights debate on here, this review is just solid. Also, the scene where he goes from eagle to a “glide” kick….I dunno, was not in slow mo. The only action motion that is not in slow mo. Will say this though, can’t believe Loretta Swit (Hotlips Margaret Houlihan in the tv show M*A*S*H) was in this. Hopefully she didn’t have to do this for her lip injections. M*A*S*H RULES!!!!

  8. Excellent review and excellent digs at Norris. LOL

  9. So, being from Hood River, Oregon, I have this to say: this movie is terrible, only hippies and “earth children” pray to a mountain, and our parents would NEVER let us walk to Lost Lake from Parkdale. People grow their weed out there, ad they get upset if you get too close to it.

  10. This review was probably an anger attack on Norris, mockery and counting out every single detail against, even making ungrounded pedojokes and Critics creep(side)-kick as just obnoxious… actually, he would be more soitable for pedojokes than Norris, seeing how creepy he is.

  11. LittleWitchHilde

    Oh my god was that a surgically corrected Margaret Houlihan??? Now I’m just trying to find every M*A*S*H character in your reviews. So far I found Klinger and Rizzo.

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