Free Willy – Nostalgia Critic

Check out this whale of a fail! It’s time to Free Willy.

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  1. we need more of the evil popcorn dude! 😀

  2. This is a meh movie
    The bad guys are funny
    This scene is not that special

  3. Willy does NOT have everything he needs., He’s trapped in a tiny ass water cage, he should be set free into the ocean

  4. Just Want to say tapping on glass causes vibrations in the water, and it can hurt the Whales Ears and it can make them go crazy, This is why it says In Aquariums don’t tap on the glass. Cause it hurts their ears. In the ocean their is no glass or cement walls to keep the sound in. Anyways yeah never tap or bang on glass with animals in it they have sensitive.

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