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The Nostalgia Critic takes a look at the TGIF sitcom, Full House.

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  1. I like the show it has fun stuff in it

  2. Never heard of this as a kid. Watched the whole series as a teenager when Nick at Nite started showing it. I really liked it then and Stephanie was my favorite character. After a while, I stopped liking the show and now the clips in this review just look stupid.

  3. Why do you hate it it’s a cliche sitcom but its very fun
    I always liked this show and still do
    I didn’t liked how Jessy gotten softer and married

    Jessy is tuff but kinds
    Jovie is fun cos of how stupid he is
    Dan has problems

    Like theses days a sitcoms are fun
    Girl on girl action is not hot

  4. Come on, tell me you didn’t want to nail Aunt Becky.

  5. i watched this show a long time ago..and yo be true, it was really unfunny and had too much “moment music”.
    That “duuuh” expression by one of the Olsen Twins reminds me of Cheryl/Cherlene in Archer.

  6. I really love this show ok. I don’t care if it’s crap. My mom still loves it too.

  7. Did he forgot to mention that Kimmy’s feet smell bad. I’d rather play footsie with her and smell them at the same time.

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