Gargoyles – Nostalgia Critic

The Nostalgia Critic reviews the Disney cartoon series, Gargoyles.

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  1. This show looks cool. I’m pretty sure I saw part of an episode as a kid, but never officially gave it a try.

    Funniest Critic comment is:

    They make house security systems look like the traps from Home Alone.

  2. this video won’t load

  3. Of course he would like this show. It’s about a group of creatures who are named after something in common who come out at night to fight crime in New York, and are accompanied by a young human girl, and their master. SOUND FAMILIAR?!

  4. great… another show that’ll take up my 2 days off. got to episode 8 already. DAMN YOU CRITIC!!!

  5. Katherine. The princess’ name is Katherine

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