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MikeJ joins the ride for this fan requested review. It’ll have you scraping at the door! Doug and Mike look at Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance.

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  1. My biggest problem with this movie was the inconsistency with the first one.

    At the end of the first one he said and i quote: “I’m gonna own this curse…” signifying that he’s gonna defy the devil’s wishes and his deal to get his soul back by keeping the Rider and using that power against the devil.

    In this piece of crap however, he’s going crazy and wants his curse lifted…why didn’t he just do that at the end of the first movie again?

    Also the bit about him being able to be in sunlight in this one (as mentioned in the video) is quite annoying. It does sort of make sense when the “angel” becomes sane at the end, but still.

    Oh, and I believe the joke with the jug is that the rider is essentially made of fire, so he needs to drink much more than any human.

  2. Alright I need to play devil’s advocate (pun intended). I think the idea of the devil needing a body in this movie is coming from certain tenets of Christianity and Mormonism, as well as some interpretations of the Bible. The idea is that humans were given physical bodies because unless they came to Earth and lived this life with all it’s trials and happiness, they could never fully grow and progress as the beings God made them to be. If they had stayed spirits, they would have been happy and unquestioningly obedient, but they would never have grown or learned anything. Essentially, being a human with a body is a gift. Satan does not have that because he was disobedient. In these teachings, he cannot work his master plan without access to the physical world. Being that spirit whispering in someone’s ear will only take him so far. He doesn’t have unlimited power because the elevated status of God’s human children makes them better than him in the end because they can choose not to listen. Giving him a body gives him that power he would need to truly be ruler of all darkness.

  3. This film was really stupid.

    On another note one review I would like to see is of a film called Pinocchio 3000 a computer generated kids film from 2004.
    Its in the future with pinocchio being a robot and the villain wants to get rid of all nature and make all the kid of their civilization robots by sending them all on a fair ground roller coaster that he built for this purpose.
    There is also a robot penguin that’s purple and a talking house and the blue fairy looks like a weird mermaid that flies.

    Its weird I think it would be a funny review.

  4. I like this film but I love the first one more. Yeah now that you mention it, there is less screen time of him as Ghost Rider. I do like the tractor like part and the hang time when he throws the devil in the sky. Lol yeah though if a Devil doesn’t drive, what can he use? I suppose he could just teleport or something. Why didn’t they just keep the same actor for the devil? Ha love the rotting skit. As for why doesn’t everything rot away with everything he touches, maybe there is rules to his powers and limitations, like maybe only humans gets rotted away and not trucks?

  5. Not a single Highlander reference for Mr. Lambert? Just a quick Mortal Kombat nod? You can do better. Shame. I’m actually super disappointed that two actors I love are in this suckfest, namely Giles and McCloud. Sad they can’t get better work, but I can hardly begrudge them a paycheck

  6. Not only did this movie make zero sense but it also shows a charcter who is supposed to be doing his duty back on Asguard

  7. What annoyed me the most was the obvious budget cuts from the first one.
    All the henchmen, all the locations are obviously from Eastern Europe. There is one “expensive” location in there and it’s in the first 5 minutes of the movie: That castle.
    The only scene worth going back for is the giant coal excavator crane GhostRider sets on fire and goes apeshit with.
    On the other side, if you’re gonna watch a Nicolas Cage movie, the most entertaining one is where he acts completely off his rocker. So that’s a plus.
    But on the whole, I felt cheated by the overall cheapness of the film.

  8. I knew this movie was gonna suck when I saw the trailer and I was right. thank god I watched it online instead of buying It this film doesn’t deserve y money but the critic and mike do. if only I had money to give

  9. At the end
    It’s Vengeance, dude.

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