Halloween 08 Special – Teddy Ruxpin

You would think that doing a simple toy review would be easy right? Too bad that toy that the Critic reviewed is possessed.

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  1. Funny
    You are quite weak
    I do wonder if you put anything on the cassette will he really say it?

    • Probably. He should put a heavy metal tape in it! That would be something to see.

      • Actually, the story tapes had an encoding in it that sent signals into the toy’s motors to move in tandem with the words. You could actually hear the signals if you tried to play the tapes on an ordinary cassette player. They’d sound like high-pitched buzzing. So you couldn’t play just any tapes in Teddy, and he’d start talking. I wish he could, though. You could do so much messed-up stuff with him.

  2. WOW that is creep ::shivers::

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