He-Man and She-Ra: A Christmas Special

Keeping with the Christmas spirit, Doug reviews this little holiday gem from the 80’s.

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  1. So the christians go to a place where christmas isn’t celebrated and then everyone decides to celebrate christmaso because it’s just so great? mass invasion and conversion of the ruling class? you sneaky crusading christians

  2. One thing that has always bugged my about this review. At 8:50, “I’m the gay son of Casey Kasem and Jerry Seinfeld”. This was said after NC said he wasn’t going to do any more gay jokes and to my knowledge has never been addressed.

  3. I love the review, but I really could’ve done without the joke about Christmas being about making other religions feel inferior.

  4. The 2000 He-Man is awesome
    Its fine if you make gay jokes about this He-Man
    If the rocked breaks so easily its a bad design
    Orco is fine
    Actually growing or pulling out wings would hurt just like Wolverines claws but much more painful
    Don’t put unicorns in to stereotype
    Hordak there is a D in his name
    I don’t like how Skeletor gotten soft here
    I don’t associate Christmas with religion

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