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The Nostalgia Critic reviews 1991’s live action version of Peter Pan, Hook.

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  1. now, thats the Good Hook

  2. Help me out here, why did tinker bell drop him inot the pirate village, why not neverland

    • technicaly the pirate village is part of Neverland. But she wanted to lead him to his children.

    • Because Tink is the reason he is there— remember Smee follows her footsteps, and shows the scar– which has been substantiated by Tink. In other words– the true villain of this piece is actually Tinkerbell. Jealous Fairy.

  3. “Look, I’m here to blur the lines of reality!”

    Um… wasn’t that what Bob Hoskins did in his day-to-day life anyway?

  4. I’m actually curious about something. How did he forget he was Peter Pan? I mean, he was playing with mythical creatures and lost boys, flying, and fighting pirates for DECADES!, and one day he just forgot? What, did he get a head injury that made him forget, did his adoptive parents commit him until he was ‘cured’, what?!

    You have to admit, that is a rather important, or at least mind-nagging question.

    • it vaugely explains it in the movie “neverland makes you forget” a similar phenomenon happens in the books when he forgets tinkerbell basicly neverland is dreamlike it has a quality to it that once you leave (or when your there) you slowly forget what your life used to be like how when your dreaming you dont think about when your awake and once you wake up you forget the dream

  5. This movie had my favorite Hook, he did look like a pirate, but also like the Disney Hook, and he looked so funny when he had to wear glasses to read xD

  6. Doug i believe the green gold light is a referance to pixy dust at the end of peter pan they steal hooks ship and use it to fly back to london and while its a bit of a stretch i always thoght that hook somehow was able to fly the ship back one more time now while that doesnt explain how he can go all poltergiest i think it explains the light and the wind efects

  7. It is a nice movie
    I agree about the religion part
    I like Tinkerbell she matured it all happened in the past
    I like Hook
    How did she grown old if she went to never land
    Kinda ironic to the death scene
    I don’t believe in him
    Hook never had a wig why did they do this
    There are existing doubles in the world

  8. I remember, as a kid, thinking that when Hook’s wig landed on the “That was a great game” kid, it was foreshadowing a sequel where the kid goes bad and steps up to become the new Hook. I’m actually a little surprised it didn’t happen. Did the movie not do well enough at the box office, or did they just end up ditching any possible plans for a sequel – or did no one ever consider a sequel in the first place?

    I mean, I’m kinda glad they DIDN’T come up with a sequel, seeing as it probably would’ve been terrible, knowing Disney (even though I guess Hook itself is technically a sequel), but I dunno. I kind of always expected one for the longest time as a child.

    Regardless, still one of my all-time favourite movies. I miss Robin…

  9. Who knows how many years and I still have no idea how he didn’t mention the Boo Box.

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