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Welcome to Earth! The Nostalgia Critic reviews Independence Day.

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  1. Just saw this on TV again today. Yeah, it’s best to just ignore the characters.

    FYI Independency Day: Resurgence is set to be released in 2016 and if the IMDB cast list is accurate (lol), it’s going to be relying on a lot of nostalgia.

  2. LMAO when are y’all gonna review Mork and Mindy?

  3. -I like this movie its very good
    -Will is cool
    -Jeff is fine
    -Fuck you the Dogs life is more impotent cause he is pure unlike humans
    -Its not a shit
    -You know it is a good way to hide the truth to tell to people that the area has alliance and make people to talk witch makes it in to a joke
    -You know it would take longer to show how many days he was searching for his wife cause do you think everything is happening in just two or three days its probably weeks after the incident
    -He is a smart person who chose to be just a repair man
    -Independence day is not a spin of of that movie its the other movie that is
    -How is it bad that a president will fight for his people and not just sit on his ass and do nothing this is actually showing that he is a good president that cares about his people and not a president that sends people to die for him
    -You really think when technology get super advanced it would be easy to make it ever more advanced
    -Your very stupid do you know how strong that gun charged up if you damage something with so much power charged if it gets damaged the energy gets out of control and overloads do you think such power would be not enough to blow the ship up

    • Um, to respond to your message in your bulleted point fashion…
      – jeff goldblum plays just jeff goldblum in every movie he is in. No variation, just jeff.
      – Yup, the life of the dog is definitely more “impotent”… he probably got neutered. And dogs kill birds all the time. How the heck are they “pure”?
      – We think everything is happening in 4 days because they SAY it is happening in 4 days. July 1-4. Not weeks, not months, 4 days. All you have to show to see how long it took is one long of dialogue, “can’t believe i haven’t found her despite looking for ___ days” we don’t expect to live those extra days with will smith (not that many would mind)
      – It’d be nice to know why he chose to be a repairman
      – Um, the other book was released approx almost a century before this. Not the movie, the book.
      – He wouldn’t be sitting on his ass. He might be, say, trying to figure out a backup plan in case the virus doesn’t work; coordinating international efforts to fight the aliens or i don’t know trying to rebuild all the shit that went down in the first attack? Cities were fucking wiped out, people are probably dying of radiation poisoning or hunger, looting is probably rampant. A lot of shit on his plate, i’d say.
      – Um, yes actually, when tech gets “advanced” it is no longer advanced and you tend to create new technology. Because, again, people don’t just sit on their asses doing nothing. There is no limit to technological innovation… i mean, clearly the aliens need a better firewall or antivirus software so there is one technology to be improved just based on what we saw in the movie.
      – That would only be true if the opposing force is stronger or just as strong as the force of the cannon. And I mean a frigging nuclear level laser blaster having less force than a guided missile? Think about it. That’s why if you put your finger in a gun, your finger is blown out, because the force of the bullet> the force/strength exerted by your finger. Give it a shot… pun intended.

  4. “Welcome to Earth!” -Will.

  5. This movie is shit. If I had been there for Pulman’s speech I would have shot him myself and joined the aliens.

  6. hey a dog’s life is just as important as a human’s live

    • Dogs have been domesticated for a long time. Our primate brains see other humans as competitors, so they can be incinerated for all we care, but DOG IS FRIEND, ALWAYS FRIEND. There’s also probably some nurturing instinct that transfers to ANYTHING that’s smaller than us and cute. There’s an entire site dedicated to listing which movies harm animals and which don’t, so people who are upset by hurt animals don’t have to see it or can at least brace themselves.

  7. TragicGuineaPig

    12:55 – “Then I said to the squid alien, YO! HOMES! SMELL YOU LATER!”

  8. But what about Boomer?!

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