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Just a simple story of a man and his Willy. The NC reviews Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom was first released on MAy 23rd, 1984 and was directed by Steven Spielberg. It stars Harrison Ford, Kate Capshaw, and Jonathan Ke Quan.

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  1. 12:03 “I believe in a magic carpenter who came back to life as a zombie, thank you every much.”

    Doug, are you attempting to describe Christianity here, because I don’t know any Christians who believe that Jesus came back as a zombie, or for that matter, anyone who does. A zombie Jesus would be a reanimated Christ, not a resurrected Christ, which is what Christians actually believe in. To be resurrected is to be given a new body.

    Seriously, any time someone attempts to make a zombie joke regarding Jesus, they only succeed in making themselves sound like an idiot.

    • Well the last time I heard the story of Jesus being resurrected included him proving he was Jesus to his friends once he was brought back to life. This included him showing them the holes in his hands and in his side which proved he had died and come back. So same body which in your logic would be reanimation.

  2. Spirit Of the Strange

    In the words of Stewie Griffin “lady only here because she nailing director”

  3. -The Holy Grail one is the best one
    -A human can survive a Nuclear blast in a frig some bones might be broken but they can
    -The Kid is not that bad
    -Yes i agree her screaming always is annoying
    -What can she do so of course she will not help save them
    -Chip & Dale music

  4. Tony Ciccariello

    I hate this movie, with all my heart I hate this movie. I was in the navy when i saw it, after seeing it I wanted to go back to my ship. Load up the 3 inch guns and fire repeatedly at hollywood… the only part of this movie I liked was the opening song and dance number and that was it. And how I wished they would kill that kid slowly in the film, if i could have reached into the screen and strangled him myself I would have

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