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The Nostalgia Critic reviews 1999’s live action Inspector Gadget movie.

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  1. They made a direct to DVD sequel of this, review that!

  2. That’s a good point, where is Mar-ti these days?

  3. i wonder, does Penny carry a Gadget credit card? :DDDD

  4. -I do find that this is not a good movie it could haw been much better but i quite like it its fine
    -The Cartoon was very fun
    -Cool as Ice was ok
    -I don’t think that its not love its a different part
    -Hey don’t you dare say that Austin Powers is not fun
    -He didn’t acted like this cause its him he was told to act like that
    -Blame the one who made this not the actors
    -I really don’t get why they would put so much useless things i would haw made the movie better
    -This movie was made to cartoony even more then the cartoon
    -How is the evil one worse he is crazy and has fun being crazy

    • No, in the case of Broderick it’s absolutely his fault. You can tell the difference between a bad actor and a good actor with bad direction, usually just because of consistency in films. Broderick is just bad.

    • HermioneHotpants

      It’s always quite a pain to read through your bad Engrish review analysis. And saying something like “I would have made the movie better” is something literally anyone can say without anything to back that up so I’m just going to disregard that completely.

      Mathew Broderick isn’t an actor who was given bad direction, he is just a horrible HORRIBLE actor. Look at the other movies this douche is in and you’ll get the picture.

      Oh, and on your next “analysis” please use less Engrish please.

  5. On the other hand — Penny’s watch exists now. Sci-fi becomes Sci-Real 😛 “It’s a watch, computer and phone”

  6. I expected Ma-Ti to show up a lot earlier.

    You know, they should have had a giant buzzard show up. You know, like a battleship. It would have been as big as a battleship.

  7. I regret seeing this in theaters when it came out. I think I liked it better back then than I do now.

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