Jaws 4: The Revenge – Nostalgia Critic

The Nostalgia Critic reviews 1987’s Jaws 4 – The Revenge.

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  1. Actually, I think I heard somewhere that it’s a different shark each movie.

    • It is a different shark each time. I read the books. The one in Jaws 2 is actually the first shark’s mate. In the book she is pregnant through most of the book. Great white sharks give live birth and have two wombs, so at least 2 babies survive the in-utero canibalism. The shark in Jaws 3 was the daughter of 1 and 2 (the baby shark was therefore the grandson), and the shark in Jaws 4 was the son of 1 and 2, so 3 and 4 were siblings.

  2. I wonder why the critic didn’t mention the voodoo explanation for the revenge given in the novel. After all, that is such a special kind of stupid, it’s got its own tv tropes page.

  3. Jaws is a very good movie the second one was fun two and that is all there are no other Jaws movies you got that
    You need to drink from the Grale to continue living forever
    I don’t like that they made him die the actor clearly didn’t wanted to be in this shit of a movie
    Dick in the box is a fun song
    I think that that that is a roar from Duke Nukem 3D
    They didn’t kill the black guy off wow not a cliche

  4. I heard that they were thinking of making a prequel to Jaws that follows Quint during the shark attack that Quint talks about in the first movie. Too bad that was never made; it would have been better than this crap.

  5. Jaws 4 Just beats out Star Trek V for the title of Worst Movie Ever Made!

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