Jurassic Park 3 – Nostalgia Critic

A sequel 65 million years in the sucking. The Nostalgia Critic takes on Jurassic Park III.

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  1. Fincan from Mexland

    Good news Critic!! The latest studies on Spinosaurus prove that it was an aquatic dinosaur rather than a terrestrial one. Because of this it was rather clumsy on land and probably unable to defend it self from a T-rex.

    • Keeping in mind that Spinosaurus 1) Lived on an entirely different continent than Tyrannosaurus and 2) lived 30 million years apart. Oh, and I doubt, even as an amphibious dinosaur, Spinosaurus couldn’t have defended itself against a tyrannosaur, as it *did* live with a tyrannosaur-sized therapod. That said, the scene in the movie probably wouldn’t played out as it did; more like the two would have tried to intimidate the other to back down.

      • shhhhhhh don’t try to interject logic or reality into this.

      • I’ve accepted it as head canon that the T.Rex from this movie is the baby one from The Lost World.
        Considering that Rexy in the first movie was only 4 years old, and this movie was released and set 4 years after the 2nd one, it’s likely that that leg injury could’ve made it a not as efficient hunter or fighter (since not eating as much caught prey wouldn’t have made it as strong) and more likely to be killed by a weaker dino that normally wouldn’t have have a chance.

  2. Why the fuck does BlowMeT-RexKillers.com take me to a site about Dungeons and Dragons?

  3. Wow I was in a dark place when I wrote that. Doug is the best!!!!!!

  4. Please don’t be so angry at Spinosaurus. Although spino might have been incorrectly portray in the fight against Trex, Spinosaurus needed help being noticed by the public. I think this was where I first learned about Spinosaurus and it is one of my favorite dinosaurs now.

  5. I’m-a be honest, I love this movie, and The Lost World. Do they suck? Yes. But I love them all the same.

  6. Yeah This was the movie I hated the most just cause the mother screaming like that pissed me off… But I barely remember the 2nd one.

  7. Who’s that bloody punk killing our T-Rex!

  8. Tony Ciccariello

    Good review, What made me laugh when i saw it was this. As I remember it, the boat has no power and no one is steering it.
    yet for 20 minutes it sails straight down the river, never varies its course at all. ( maybe an homage to the African Queen. I don’t know) But boats with no power or steering do not do a straight course no matter how strong the current.

  9. I LOVE the nerdrage that this film inspired. People still argue about it! Considering that the proportions in this film were actually pretty accurate, it’s quite likely the Spinosaurus was at least capable of injuring or even killing a T. rex. It was easily big enough. The rex was also perfectly capable of killing a Spinosaurus. So the silly arguments claiming T. rex as some kind of super-dinosaur are just that.

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